HE-VA Multi-Seeder is a pneumatic fine seeder which easily and quickly can be mounted on nearly all types of implements such as rollers, seed drills, stubble implements etc. regardless of the make. Multi-Seeder is excellent for many different seed types such as rape, grass mixtures, cover crops, fertilizer etc. and is available with 200 l, 410 l, 660 l or 850 l seed hopper. A spoked land wheel or Auto-Controller provides ground speed related drive. However, the EC model is with elec. driven dosing w/variable rate adjustment from cabin. Independent speed dosage - requires a fixed working speed.

Auto-Controller consists of an implement-mounted radar for forward speed control and an electric motor seed roller drive making it possible to adjust the dosage during operation by the computer. The seed rate can be adjusted between 0.2 kg/ha to 150 kg/ha, and vary exact calibration is ensured by a big selection of dosing rolls - designed for the different types of seeds.

The 5-24 customized distributor outlets provide precise seeding and they can be placed individually on each implement.  With 24 distributor outlets it is possible to distribute cover crops up till 32 m as e.g. on a sprayer. The Multi-Seeder is available with electrical or hydraulic fan drive.

HE-VA is offering factory mounted or adapted mounting set for Multi-Seeder for most HE-VA implements. Multi-Seeder seed hopper is watertight and easy to calibrate and empty.

Multi-Seeder FZ for fertilizer
Multi-Seeder FZ is a special model, suitable for especially fertiliser, as the dosing unit is made of stainless steel and the variable gearbox is in a strengthened version.

Multi-Seeder Twin
Multi-Seeder Twin consists of a seed hopper of  200 l with two partition of  100 l and two dosing units with Auto-Controller. Multi-Seeder Twin is made especially for Sub-Tiller, so that you can both till-seed and place slug pellet/poison and at the same time change the proportion between these two with the same Multi-Seeder.

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