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- Model TS - Single Span Greenhouses



TLANTIC TSis a greenhouse designed with straight sides and covered with an arched roof made of two semi-arches joined to the ridge. This model is unique for is simple design that eases assembly. It is a low cost model and can be easily adopted to produce a large variety of products within horticulture and floriculture. Straight sides allow to use wholly all the spaces inside the greenhouse. Vertical crops can easily stand and any system used in-door can be smoothly used thanks to a great mobility that this structure’s layout offers. Moreover, tie-beam embedded in any greenhouse of this kind is crucial to support structure especially in case of wind and heavy snow. This layout allows also to install hanging irrigation and nebulization systems.

ATLANTIC TSis proposed with this standard layout:

  • Galvanized structure with arches made of galvanized pipes (Ø 60 mm) strengthened by tie-beams.
  • Structure can be fixed on the ground with concrete bases as well as columns with plate or drilled.
  • Coverage is made of plastic film (single or double) – long life cycle guaranteed.
  • Openings are made of aluminum profiles. Otherwise it is possible to install a  roller pipe assisted by a system that tenses film.
  • Front sides are available either wholly wrapped in a plastic film or transparent wavy polycarbonate.

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