Multi-Stage Incubators and Hatchers



When it comes to multi-stage systems, no one delivers more than Jamesway. Since we pioneered the way in multi-stage incubation in 1959, we have fine-tuned and improved our machines to meet modern-day needs. Our machines ensure a high hatch rate, healthy chicks, and an energy-efficient process.

Ensuring a good environment

Our multi-stage machines feature technology to ensure that each stage of development includes the optimal mixture of heat, moisture, and carbon dioxide:

  • Heat: Our patented laminar airflow system ensures even heat distribution throughout the egg pack to optimize embryonic development
  • Humidity: Embedded software controls moisture loss and influences cooling
  • Airflow: The adjustable fans produce the required air movement through the egg pack
  • Turning: Our automated egg turning system keeps each embryo in the correct position to avoid complications in its development


The design and embedded technologies make our line of multi-stage machines the most cost-effective choice for every hatchery:

  • Efficient egg handling: Our machines advance eggs efficiently through the incubation process in a precisely controlled environment
  • No additional cooling: The machine is completely air-cooled, so no additional cooling is required
  • Heat recovery: The environmental system concentrates conditioned fresh air to cool the oldest eggs, while using the heat from the advanced eggs to warm the early developing embryos


The multi-stage series is very robust and easily accessible, simplifying maintenance and repairs, and greatly reducing the risk of long downtime. We also have a vast spare parts catalogue, ensuring a replacement part for every component in our machines.

Fully equipped

Our multi-stage machines come with a complete set of racks and egg flats to fill the incubator, as well as dollies and baskets to fill the hatcher. We also offer a wide choice of options and accessories.

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