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Finally! Atrailer that does all your jobs. For years, you've been licensing and maintaining more than one trailer so you can get your work done; one to haul round bales and one for square bales, machinery transport and all those odd jobs that need doing.The MultiTrailer gets things under control. With the deck flat, you have a highway legal flat deck to move a load of lumber, that old car you are restoring or a load of square bales to the horse ranch down the road. Lift the side rails and raise the floor sections, and in less than a minute you have a slick high speed round bale hauler.

  • With the new MultiTrailer, simply load the tractor on the flat deck and tow it out.
  • When you hit the field, unload the tractor, raise the deck racks and side rails, and start loading.
  • At the yard, release the safety locks and hit the hydraulic lever. The bales from one side unload into a neat row, then turn around and dump the other side into the same row. And you’re off for the next load, 300 bales moved per day.
  • At the end of the day, drop the deck to flat, pull out the ramps, reload the tractor, and  take it home in time for chores.
  • Haul high clearance sprayers with optional black attachment.

From Flat Deck Trailer to Quick Dump Bale Trailer in moments!

  • With the patented MultiTrailer technology one trailer can do the job of two or more!!
  • Can be used as a flat deck equipment trailer.
  • Or as a quick dump bale trailer for round bales.
  • Or a flat deck for all square bales, vehicles, and more

Get the most bang for your buck

  • One trailer does the work of two
  • Saves money on equipment and maintenance
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