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Multi Trailer

Multi trailer is the first trailer and multiple modular construction is a unique product of its kind. E ', in fact, the only one on the market that, thanks to the modular frame, can have multiple configurations. The basic structure can accommodate various equipment, each of which mounted on four support feet and bolted on the same: a tub to drain high for the transport of bulk products, a platform (also with crane) for the transport of equipment and another, a group for drip irrigation with an independent motor, a structure in multiple planes for the transport of seedlings,

a hot, stainless steel, for the transport of grapes, etc. In this way  Multi Trailer  can be quickly set up to meet the different working requirements occurring during the year. Made with quality components and with great attention to the needs of the 'Field' is approved for use on the road for a capacity of 60 tons (6 t) and a top speed of 40 km / h.

The new product (patent pending) has been presented at  EIMA International  which was held this May 10 to 14 November 2010.

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