Multi-Use Power Edger


Turf Teq’s Multi-Use Power Edgers offer all of the same benefits of the Dedicated-Use model, and much more.  In addition to Bed Edging and Trenching, the Multi-Use model offers a Bed Grooming function.  This feature enables the operator to quickly, easily and cleanly maintain beds with minimal disturbance throughout the entire season.

Capabilities Available with the Multi-Use Power Edger:

  • Grooming Existing Planting Beds
  • Edging Infields/Warning Tracks
  • Edging Sand Traps on Golf Courses
  • Creating and Re-Defining Beds
  • Trenching for laying Irrigation, Electrical Lines, and more
  • Cutting a Foundation for Brick Pavers
  • Preparing Silt Fence
  • Renovating Lawns against Sidewalks

All Multi-Use Power Edger functions can be performed by simply changing the blade and guard.  Edging at up to 150 feet/minute and grooming at up to 170 ft/minute is achievable while eliminating the intensive labor costs and fatigue generated by edging with a shovel or by using competitive machines.

In addition, the Multi-Use Power Edger model also features our unique Super Pivot tractor design.  The Super Pivot tractor enables the arm with the blade attachment to be adjusted easily, in varying positions, from left to right.  This increases operator precision, visibility, and speed.  It also adds the capability of accepting any number of other Turf Teq attachments – such as the Power Broom, Power Rake, or Power Brush Cutter – making it the most productive, versatile and profitable machine on the market today.

Turf Teq’s Multi-Use Power Edgers have the following major advantages over the competition:

  • Forward Direction of Operation - ELIMINATES MANUALLY PULLING EDGER BACKWARD. The operator has clear vision to create new beds and to follow existing bed edges, including curves and circles above 22', while maintaining maximum speed for maximum productivity. This also provides optimal safety by allowing the operator to see and avoid trip hazards and other obstacles.
  • Self-Propelled - The Hydrostatic drive provides ground propulsion for infinite variable speeds from 0 to 4.5 MPH. This allows the operator to adjust travel speed to match the operating conditions for maximum productivity and minimum operator fatigue.
  • Maximized Productivity and Profits - Clear vision, forward operation, and a machine that is capable of being worked at the maximum speed for the ground conditions all day (edging at up to 150 ft/minute) equals maximized output, reduced labor requirements, and increased profits.
  • Multi-Function Capability - By changing to different blades, the machine can do multiple functions including opening new beds, re-defining existing beds, trenching and cutting foundations for brick pavers, silt fence and water drainage.
  • Pivoting Attachment Arm for Increased Precision and Flexibility - By pivoting out the movable blade arm, the groomer blade can be used for maintenance of bed edges, increasing productivity up to an unmatched 170 ft/minute.  Unlike the competition, being able to see the groomer blade and follow the existing edge precisely means you can groom beds without producing a strip of grass to be cleaned up afterwards.  The groomer blade has the ultimate advantage of edging throughout the season with minimal to no clean up.
  • Multi-use Capability – The Super Pivot Tractor portion of the edger can be detached from the edger in minutes. The tractor can be used to power the other Turf Teq attachments, such as the Power Broom, Power Rake and Brush Cutter, saving initial purchase costs and reducing overall maintenance costs.

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