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The exclusive technical innovations and his gothic – shapes allows a significant improvement of the performances: more light, more resistance, absence of dropping and more volume.Material and galvanizing The structures, according to the UNI regulation , are original and patented. The employed materials is galvanized Sendzimir or hot- process galvanizing .

Structure characteristics:

  • Arches in tubular diameter 60 mm
  • Trusses realized with triangle-shaped support according to CEE 13301 regulation
  • Standard gutter's pole diameter 60 mm, 75x45 mm, 80><50 mm 80 x 80 mm
  • Wheel base poles from 2,00 - 2,50- 3,00- 4,00-5,00-6,00mt.
  • Extremity tie-rod in tubular diam. 32 mm. with at least 6 bracings
  • Transversal reinforce tie-rods in tubular diam. 32 mm - Nuts and bolts type 8.8 with anti corrosion protection
  • Central and lateral gutter channel with galvanizing Sendzimir or hot process galvanizing
  • Culture support up to 9 hanging points for outside ground cultures
  • Gutter support widely dimensioned
  • Rectangular heads' poles
  • Closing angular and finishes in galvanized metal sheet
  • Fixing of plastic film through aluminium profiles and pvc

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