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Multiart belongs to the upright poleagricultural greenhousesallowing to achieve the widest volumetry.  Available also in ogive-shape. The anchoring to the groundl of theagricultural greenhousesis carried out by a telescopic system with tubular to be cemented, where the pillar is inserted externally in order to adjust the gutter inclination. It is also possible to carry out the anchoring to the ground, by using posts with welded helix in order to avoid cementation works.. In any case, a double thickness at ground level is guaranteed.

Agricultural greenhouse STRUCTURE

  • Arches in tubular  Ø 60/80.
  • Triangle trusses according to the compliance with the atmosphere and working load.
  • Standard poles 60/1.5 mm, 60/2 mm, 80×50 mm, 80×80 mm.
  • Central post distance from 2,00-2,50-3,00-4,00-5,00 and 6,00.
  • Lateral post distance from 2,00-2,50 and 3,00 mt.
  • Central and lateral gutter with Sendzimir hot-dip galvanizing .
  • Gutter support monoblock.
  • End tie-rods in tubular diam. 32 and/or 42 mm with minimum 6 up to 12 bracings.
  • Transversal reinforce tie-rods between poles and arches in tubular Ø 32 and/or 42 mm.
  • Nuts and bolts – class 8.8 procted against corrosion.

Agricultural greenhouse DOORS

  • Sliding single leaf door, width from 1.00 up to 5,00 m.
  • Sliding double leaf door, width from 2.00 up to 6,00 m.
  • Single or double swing door, width from m. 0.80 up to 2.50 m.
  • Standard height of doors up to 15 cm under the clear gutter height.
  • Doors in galvanized iron or anodized silver aluminum and/or with optional RAL.
  • On request: for the swing doors, anti-panic grip with spring return, for aluminum sliding doors, automatic movement systems.

Greenhouses OPENINGS


  • at gutter;
  • single at ridge;
  • double at ridge ;


  • Roll-up lateral and/or frontal;
  • Descending lateral and/or frontal;

Opening automations  

The control of openings can be motorized and/or manual.

Manual effort-reducers may be used in order to make movement easier.

The motorized openings are carried out by central units for the control of the internal climate, wind safety. Rain and wind direction are detected by an external weather station.

Coverings and pluggings

Single film fixed by patented aluminum profiles and/or patented tensioning system (SKY FILM )

Double inflated film fixed by patented aluminum profile (SKY FILM)

Semi-rigid materials: ondex (PVC), waved polycarbonate, alveolar polycarbonate PET, sandwich panel (pre-painted galvanized sheet with cavity in polyurethane), glass.

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