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The MULTI climate controller can control up to 8 greenhouse compartments in addition to other functions like fertigation, hydroponic dosing and environment monitoring. Although the climate control has a high level of functionality, many of the more complex settings are preset in the factory and you will get excellent results without changing these.  They are provided for the perfectionists who would be frustrated if they were not available.  Luckily, we provide “restore points” so if you change some advanced settings and don’t get the results you expected it is simple to put the settings back to how they were.

  • Choice of either a simple or advanced compartment manager. The advanced manager, allows influences for humidity and solar radiation. These influences affect vent opening and heating in order to manage RH as well as temperature. Both managers allow temperature ramping between the 5 available time periods.
  • Vent management – simple or advanced – this provides vent cracking proportional to humidity, together with wind and rain overrides. The advanced manager also allows PID control which is used to eliminate error from the temperature target.
  • Outside influences are taken into account to get some pre-act or anticipatory control so that vents etc start to react when outside conditions first change rather than waiting for the inside temperature to change before reacting. A maximum of 32 vents (or 6 vents per compartment) may be assigned.
  • Extraction fan management. Up to 5 fan banks per compartment can be installed, wet wall (pad) management is also available.
  • Smart control of fans such as cycling of first group to start to avoid crop streaking. Also, storm bracing can be used to reduce pressure in house to avoid skin flap causing damage in severe storms.
  • Stir fan (HAF) management (up to 2 fan groups per compartment). Set by time period with rules to activate for humidity, temperature, CO2 injection, fogging
  • Heating – either on/off or heat-pump or proportional hot water heating using a 3 way modulating valve. With hot water heating a minimum pipe temperature may be used for humidity control and this has influences for solar and humidity. A special heat pump setting is available to switch between heating, cooling and dehumidification and to act as a thermostat to the heatpump. Boiler heat demand and transport pipe management is also available.
  • Fogging may be used to provide evaporative cooling and/or humidification. The settings for fogging are rule based so that it fogging is activated when the temperature is above a set level providing the humidity is not already excessive. A second rule may be used to also start the fogging when the humidity is below a set level providing the temperature is not too low. The fog ON time (puff size) is proportional to the temperature or humidity error giving excellent control. Separate time periods may be set for fogging. Up to 16 fogging valves may be used with a maximum of 4 valves per compartment. Pipe discharge function also possible.
  • Watering /sprinkler /misting control by radiation sum/timer/time-of-day is available for watering and misting.
  • Shade and energy screens may be used to reduce the radiation load on the crop and also to reduce heat loss at night. Up to 3 screens per compartment may be assigned. A clever algorithm calculates the best combination of screens for the conditions. Screens can be set to crack before opening to avoid sudden shock to the crop by spilling cold air. The screens can also proportionally crack for high humidity or temperature or even to melt snow and ice on the roof.
  • CO2 injection. A sophisticated algorithm is used to allow maximum use to be made of injected CO2 without excessive wastage. Again, the advanced settings come preset and you will get excellent results without changing these. For the more advanced user the influences are as follows:- Proportional reduction in CO2 concentration and injection for 1) Lack of solar radiation 2) low temperature 3) vents partially open 4) wind with vents open 5) excessive VPD/HD.
  • Lighting control for either supplemental and or timed light switching. Up to two banks of lights per compartment with phased turn on and minimum cool down period.

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