- Row Crop Cultivator



Sturdy and versatile cultivator for cultivating row crops. In recent years abandoned, cultivating now finds its place again in crop management. Demands made on farmers with regards to environment have rendered cultivating interesting. Cultivating presents numerous interests, not just economical but also agricultural and environmental.

Type of crops

  • Maize, Sugarbeet, Sunflower, Rapeseed, Beans, Soyabean, Sorghum…


  • 45 to 80 cm

Number of rows

  • 4 to 18 rows

Before cultivating – After cultivating

Agricultural interests

  • Destruction of weeds even tough ones
  • Working over of the soil (fertilizer mineralization, restructuring and warming of the soil)
  • Improved soil biological activity
  • Limiting of pest activity (slugs,…)
  • Destruction of ground caking

Economical interests

  • Reduction of the number of passages and the quantities of fertilizer (if localized treatment when cultivating)
  • Versatile cultivator which can be used for a good number of crops
  • Reduced water requirements (1 cultivating session is worth 2 crop waterings...)

Environmental interests

  • Reduced use of plant protection products
  • Reduced quantities of fertilizer due to localized fertilizing
  • Reduced water erosion


Sturdy and easy to adjust, these are the words that best describe the new MULTICROP cultivating unit range. With this new generation of cultivators, MONOSEM has also developed exclusive equipment opening the way to precision cultivating.

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