- Model H - Disc Harrows



2 Rows of discs made out of hardened steel 0 510 mm. Gang spacing 80 cm. Heavy bearings with overdimensloned wheel hubs, low maintenance.
Torsion bar suspension by means of round rubbers for a maximum freedom of movement of every disc separately. Stable, powder coated frame with robust headstock. Up to 500 H: linkage cal. II and III. Up from 600 H: linkage cat. ill/Quick hitch. Hydraulically foldable for road transport (the segments of 900 H are foldable as well as retractable). Depth control by means of the floating system with crumbier roller 0 AAQ mm

  • Hardened sieel discs, solid side fastening with 5 bolts 10.9, simply accessible.
  • The aggressive action of the serrated discs and the large distance between the rows of discs give an ideal mulching and mixing result of crop residue or green cover crops.
  • Extra protected sealing of the bearings; lubricator chamber provided with a large quantity grease; hot forged hub.
  • High stability of the torsion bar suspension of the roller.
  • The floating system: if necessary the Multidisc disc harrow can break out upwards independently from the roller. The roller continues to follow the ground.
  • Transport width less than 3 meters: uncomplicated road transport. The folded sections of the machine are secured by locking pins.

  • Hydraulic roller adjustment: two cylinders, which make it possible to adjust the roller by using the tractor hydraulics.
  • Straw harrow: is mounted behind the last row of discs and assures an improved coverage of crop residue. The height and angle are adjustable.
  • Soil deflector plate right: a ground following side plate which keeps the soil stream inside the working width.
  • Set soil deflector discs right: set of 2 adjustable side-discs. The first disc keeps the soil stream inside the working width. The second disc has an equalizing function.
  • Extra weight: recommended up from 600 H or for hard soil and/or tough residual crop.

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