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- Mole Renovator

The B-33 Mole Knife is matched with the Clymer Utility Coutler for excellent residue clearance. The Clymer Coulter cuts the residue and the B-33 Mole Knife will loosen the most compacted soil to a depth of 4 - 8' allowing water and air to soak into the soil upon contact. This reduces runoff that creates erosion. The Mole Knives are protected with sheer bolts even in rocky conditions.

 The Wingfield Mole Renovator is available in two frame sizes - 96' with 5 shanks and 136' with 7 shanks. Each model will accommodate a 15 - 20' or 30' spacing without frame modification. Angle of penetration into the soil is very important with the Mole Knife. Therefore, a special hydraulic top link is standard with all models. Adding the hydrualic top link allows for maximum heaving of the soil, while decreasing the amount of horsepower required. Bolt-on wing extensions (2 Mole Knives and Coulters with frame) are optional for all models.

  The Wingfield Flexible Harrow creates a perfect environment by leaving the residue mixed with the surface soil. This stops wind erosion and increases seed germination. The Mole Knife does not disturb the surface, allowing the farmer to broadcast seed before he uses the Wingfield Mole Renovator with the Flexible Tine Harrow. This saves trips allowing renovation and seed incorporation with one pass in the pasture, while invigoration existing growth.

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