Multilayer Cultivation Systems


The latest development in the field of efficient cultivation in horticulture is the multilayer cultivation. Here, the production in the greenhouse stacked so that more crops can be grown in the same greenhouse area. For various crops this idea is now applied succesfully by an increasing number of growers.

As the lower layers in the multilayer cultivation get less outdoor light additional lighting is often necessary. The latest systems are working with LED lighting which has significant advantages over the traditional assimilation lighting: production increase, heat reduction and lower energy costs. Codema Systems Group designs, manufactures and installs the multilayer systems. Efficiency, energy reduction, production increase, sustainability and ergonomics are important elements in developing the system. The products of CODEMA are characterized by high quality materials, very solid finish and equipped with the latest technology.

The advantages of multilayer cultivation at a glance:

  • Higher production
  • Local for local production possible
  • Higher space efficiency
  • Significantly lower power consumption

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