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Automatic feeder “Multimat” is intended for a maximum of 45 animals. It has a simple mechanism for regulating the shedding of feed. Manual or automatic loading.  Equipped with a stainless steel through, 2 nipples and pourer capacity 160 liters. There are 2 versions available: single and double.

Two versions available

  • for finishers - Multimat T ( 15 kg – 120 kg ),
  • for weaners - Multimat W ( 7 kg – 40 kg ).

Advantages of the product

  • simple and stable construction,
  • reliable mechanism for regulating the shedding of feed,
  • resistant to corrosion and aggressive environment in a piggery,
  • easy to clean and disinfect,
  • easy installation.

Product characteristics

  • the pourer with the cover are made of polyethylene,
  • pourer capacity - 160 liters,
  • the frame and trough are made of stainless steel,
  • Standard angle frame (there is a possibility of finishing the frame with a channel bar),
  • all fixing materials made of stainless steel,
  • total weight of a single Multimat is 25kg,
  • total weight of a double Multimat is 54kg,

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