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THE ROLE OF POTASSIUM Increases root growth and improves drought resistance. .Maintains turgor, reduces water loss and wilting. Aids in photosynthesis and food formation. Enhances translocation of sugars & starch particularly during grain fill. Produces grain rich in starch. Increased protein content in plants. Builds cellulose and reduces lodging. Activates many enzyme systems. Maximises N usage. Reduces disease susceptibility.


• Key role in crop maturation

• Very important in water relations along with Potassium, improved drought resistance

• Major role in energy relations and photosynthesis and therefore is vital at key growth stages

• Can increase the plants cold tolerance

• Involved with the overall health of the crop and resistance to environmental pressure. This gives improved plant nutrient health.

• Vital to maximise rooting

• Increased grain sites

•Improved rooting maximises nutrient uptake



There are many limitations to root and foliar uptake of both phosphate and potash

• Soil temperature

• Low soil oxygen levels e.g. increased water holding in the soil

• Low soil organic matter

• Soil texture and pH

• Other nutrient interactions

• Limited root volumes of major arable crops

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