- Dairy Feed Mixer



As with the general  machinery trend in agriculture, modern farmres are looking for lager, labour saving, automatic and reliable machinery to increase efficiency. At Cormall we have developed our Mixers along these same guidelines and can now offer a variety of machines from 12 cubic metre up to a huge 50 cubic metre  capacity. They can then feed out as often as you decide to give regular feed to the cows.


The special mixing angle allows a natural movement of the feed mix where  the feed is transported up and ends in a ' molehill'. From the top of the mixer  the feed falls back and the process repeats itself.


This method esured that the feed is light and airy.

All mixers from Cormall are equipped with heavy duty augers manufactured
with 15 mm thick flights and the body is made from10 mm plate. 
These dimensions give a long lifetime of the plant, despite wear.

The low filling height of the mixer allows you to use smaller equipment for filling
of the mixer.


The visibility of the mixing processe itself made possible without having 
to climb on the machine.

With the stationary soultion it is possible to watch the mixing from the tractor 
of from the floor level.

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