- Multipurpose Patented System


Multiplex is an intelligent, multipurpose patented system for rationalising and streamlining orchard-cleaning operations, with maximum safety and comfort of the operator. Built in various models at double working section for plantations from 1,70 to 4,50 metres in width, has the following characteristics:

  • is applied on the front of a tractor with a minimum power of 60 HP and two rapid couplings, but it does not  require a front lifting device
  • can be combined with a shredder to clean out orchards completely in half the time
  • is raised and extended by hydraulic jacks, it’s equipped with an independent hydraulic distributor, electrically controlled from the driver’s seat
  • on the same tool mount it’s possible to install three work sections, that is a pair of rotary brushes for pruning, or a pair of inter-stump hooded bars for localised weed-killing treatments, or a self-levelling inter-stump wheel for mowing weeds; a manual adjustment system allows to incline these tools in every direction in order to better adapt them to the conformation of the ground and layout of the orchard
  • the brush is composed from highly flexible nylon rods, that do not damage tree bark or irrigation equipment, have a very limited wear and tear and are replaceable one by one; the brush is adjustable in height, free to follows the contour of the ground to whom is suitable thanks to a support disk on bearings, and is protected in the superior side from a disk, that prevents the rolling of pruning
  • between-row weed-killing bar equipped by self-closing joint, anti-leaves protection cover, adjustable double jet with antidrip diaphragm and nozzle by choice, Multiplex or RAP connection
  • self-levelling hydraulic wheel for mowing weeds, equipped by articulated rotary blades for a 60cm work width, mechanical shifting with spring regulation, rubber protection, level disk on bearings and support slide.

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