Model Multiplier fan unit Torreta - Liftmounted Atomizers



Polyethylene main tank with washing and feeding circuit tanks. Capacities: 600, 800, 1.000 and 1.200 lts. Pump AR-813 (3 membranes, 81 l/min, 50 atm.). Long reach fan unit tower Ø 820 or Ø 920. Adjustable propeller 8 slices. Multiplier 2 speeds and deadlock (without belts). Fan unit, air distributor, back and below sheet, top ailerons, all made in stainless steel. 18 double anti drip sprayers. Sprayer tube made in stainless steel. Top and below adjustable ailerons. Manual control regulator 2 outlets and manometer. Reinforced transmission. Hoses and guns (not included).

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