- Model H - Tine Harrows/Cultivators



300/350: three point headstock with square support beams (80x80 mm). 400: heavy three point headstock with heavy duty square support beams (100x100 mm). 2 Rows with vertically adjustable spring tines. 300/400 H/500 H/600 H: floating system with crumbier roller 0 440 mm. 400: floating system with crumbier roller 0 520 mm. Up from 400 H: hydraulically foldable for road transport. Foldable soil deflectors, adjustable both horizontally and vertically

  • Due to the 'double coil pigtail tines' unique spring characteristics and their position in respect of one another, the lines achieve a level, even seed bed. When operated at a relatively fast forward speed, the tines produce a 'bow wave' of soil which is tumbled and fractured prior to being crumbled and rolled. The slightly curving tines ensure that the soil is effectively penetrated, whilst the subsoil is not lifted up. The position of the tines can be adjusted vertically in 3 steps of 30 cm to completely eliminate tractor wheel tracks.
  • Working depth: between 4 and 12 cm.
  • Oistance between tines: 16 cm.
  • Foldable floating soil deflector: working width = transport width.
  • The floating system: if necessary, the Multiterra tine harrow can break out upwards independently from the roller. This is eliminating the risk at stony soil. The roller continues to follow the ground.
  • Reversible tine points: the tines incorporate a reversible wearing point for a prolonged life.
  • Compact engineered: headstock and support frame suitable to mount secondary equipment like seed drills or planters, offers seeding or planting in one pass, in combination with the seed drill Polymai you get a very compact and efficient seed drill combination.
  • up from 400 H: transport width less than 3 meters: uncomplicated road transport. The folded sections of the machine are secured by locking pins.

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