- Model MULTITWIST - Multi-Nozzle Spreading Boom



The JOSKIN Multitwist multi-nozzle spreading booms allow to spread slurry homogeneously on widths from 12 to 15 m. This spreading tool is made up of two main pipes supported by two triangular frames. On the version of 12 m, each main pipe feeds 4 of the 8 smaller pipes ended by splash plates.

The swinging scatterer is activated by the spreading pressure, combined with an ingenious mechanical system.

Thanks to this design, slurry is thrown out alternately in onThere is a splash plate at the end of each pipe of the Multitwist booms.e and the other direction, so that these 'umbrella'-like jets offer a very low air resistance. The slurry is then spread close to the ground, under the form of ''umbrella'' jets. Note that the Twist system can be mounted both on the 4-point linkage and directly on the tank buttresses. The same applies for the Twinjet boom.

Umbrella-like jets
The multi-nozzle system of 'umbrella-like' jets enables to spread slurry over a large width (12 to 27 meters).

Close to the ground: even distribution
The throw height (50 - 60 cm) ensures a regular spreading and a low air resistance, which limits the losses of volatile elements in the atmosphere.

Direct feeding: without macerator
The distribution box has two 0 125 mm outlets with quick coupling and a deflecting plate holding back most of the foreign bodies. The 'stone trap' is emptied by an access to the distribution box.

  • Cattle breeding
  • Construction tipping trailer
  • Muck spreaders
  • Others
  • Range
  • Shop
  • Slurry tankers

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