- Multi-Nozzle Spreading Boom



Multi-nozzle spreading boom. Spreading width: 12 to 27 m.

Umbrella-like jets
The multi-nozzle system of 'umbrella-like' jets enables to spread slurry over a large width (12 to 27 meters).

Close to the ground: even distribution
The throw height (50 - 60 cm) ensures a regular spreading and a low air resistance, which limits the losses of volatile elements in the atmosphere.

Direct feeding: without macerator
The distribution box has two 0 125 mm outlets with quick coupling and a deflecting plate holding back most of the foreign bodies. The 'stone trap' is emptied by an access to the distribution box.

  • Cattle breeding
  • Construction tipping trailer
  • Muck spreaders
  • Others
  • Range
  • Shop
  • Slurry tankers

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