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300/350/400-2: 2 rows of wing tines. 300/350/400-3: 3 rows of wing tines. 1 Row of double hollow discs 0 460 mm. Crumbier roller 0 520 mm which guarantees a levelling working in depth. Robust headstock CAT ll/lll. Multivator 400-2 and -3: CAT III. Frame 100x100x8 mm. Frame height 80 cm

Special benefits

  • The curved shape of the lines decreases the required draft and has a posiiive elfeci on the mixing of the soil
  • The shins are alternating between a left and tight angle. The result is that trash and soil don't keep rolling in front of the tine, but instead it is led to the side.
  • Working depth between 5 and 30 cm: machine suitable for conventional tillage, but also for tillage of only the upper soil layer (mulching).
  • The wing tines can be adjusted in three different positions (mechanical blockage) for an optimal tillage.
  • Stone protection for the wing tine feet by means of a shear bolt.
  • The double hollow discs guarantee a homogeneous mixture of crop residues and the tilled soil.
  • The hollow discs are supplied with a quick adjustment system.

Point for attention

  • The hollow discs have to be folded up before transport.

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