- Model Breeze - High Volume Low Speed Fan, 5 Blades



The Breeze Fan is a High Volume Low Speed fan, engineered to circulate a vast amount of air, providing the most efficient air circulation movement for animal housing. The Breeze Fan works on a simple principle – creates slow, gentle breezes to lower the effective temperature during warm periods and to circulate the rising warm air downward to ground level during cold periods. In addition, the Breeze Fan will reduce humidity, moisture, condensation and odours, creating a healthier and more comfortable environment. Dairy cattle, as well as other farm animals, including pigs, poultry and horses, are very sensitive to heat stress.

In warm periods animals put all their energy into cooling themselves off, resulting in decreased production. The Breeze Fan is designed to provide non-disruptive air movement, keeping the animals comfortable. By preventing heat stress, production decreases can be avoided. The vast amount of slow-moving air created by the Breeze Fan, is gently distributed “corner-to-corner”. Running the Breeze Fan can also help keep bedding dry, dissipate smells and ammonia, repel birds and flying insects. The special profiled blades of the Breeze Fan produce a vast, cylindrical column of air directed toward the floor. When it meets the floor it’s directed outward in all directions, creating a “horizontal floor jet”. This way the air is pushed further away until it meets the walls and begins moving vertically back up. The greater the cylindrical air flow, the greater the circulation of air and resulting benefits.

  • Available in 5 different diameters : 3,4, 5, 6, 7 mt
  • Propeller equipped with 5 blades
  • Variable sped control by VFD and EC (permanent magnet ) motor
  • Strong aluminum airfoil shaped blades
  • Extremely high energy efficiency
  • Very high m3/h /W (high cfm per watt)
  • Very low noise level
  • Reduces heat stress and improves comfort
  • Easy to install, in new or existing structures

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