- Model 2000 S2x2 - Crimping Mills



The technical specifications of the Murska 2000 S 2x2 are the same as for its smaller version, the 1400 S 2x2, but with enhanced crimping capacity of 30 t/h. This is usually enough for even the busiest farmer or contractor. A wise choice, if time is of the essence.

Diverse range of equipment

  • Bogie trailer for Murska 1400 and 2000
  • Bagger tube packing machine
  • Acid bottle stand for a 200 litre barrel with hoist
  • Additional hopper
  • Range of rollers: 2 mm and 3 mm groove pattern and spot flute
  • Three times more operating time with super rollers

Capacity 30-50
Transmission 540 rpm
Weight 3300 kg
Hopper volume with additional storage 5500 l

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