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Musicale Milkline is a parallel milking parlor designed to provide top safety and comfort both to the operator and the cows. Musicale Milkline is designed to ensure quick animal entrance, while being comfortable and well-ordered. Cows stand perpendicularly to the edge of the milking pit and this kind of layout reduces the operator's movements because of the shorter distance between milking points. The structure of the milking stalls allows for a quick positioning of the cows within the milking stalls. Front exits allow the animals to exit quickly from the milking stalls and quick positioning of the subsequent group. Side exit is also possible particularly for narrow parlors, by the pneumatic lifting of separating gates.

Benefits for the farmer:

  • highest operator comfort and safety
  • optimal animal movement
  • highly effective milking parlor
  • time saving
  • optimal animal comfort

Standard structure:

  • products made from top quality materials
  • whole structure in hot-dip galvanized steel
  • stainless steel rear gutter to collect dejection
  • stainless steel pit edge protection
  • automatic Teat Cup Removers (TCRs)

In order to make milking even more comfortable and efficient, Milkline proposes:

  • “Single Indexing” - adjustable front gate
  • pneumatic opening gates
  • suspended carpentry (to simplify the milking parlor cleaning and the animal comfort)
  • stainless steel cabinets to store the components
  • tunnel to store milk meter equipment
  • “Milpro P4C” - advanced milking monitoring system
  • “Milcon” - herd management system
  • “Clean-o-Tronic” - automatic cleaning system

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