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Model MX-2 - Open Roof Systems



In 1998 BOAL Systemen introduced the MX Open Roof systems to combine the benefits of a greenhouse with the ability creating an open environment. Practical experience with the original system led to improvements which are incorporated in the MX-2 System.

The MX-2 System is used by growers to harden crops for an outside destination. As the windows are hinged from the gutter, heat and moisture easily escape out of the greenhouse. Already a small opening functions like a chimney and as a result generates much ventilation. The MX-2 System is delivered with a wide condensation gutter in the ridge, so that the greenhouse can be ventilated during light rain showers.


The windows of the MX-2 System are operated with pull and push bars. These are durable and relatively cheap. The connection between the windows in the ridge has a fixed position so that the closure is precise and watertight. The wide hollows in the gutters create addition strength in the structure. PVC capping and rubber seals support requirements towards insulation and water tightness. The ridge, hinge and gutter are equipped with condensation drainage.
The MX-2 System is delivered in spans of 3.20, 4.00 and 4.27 meters and is equipped with foil or cover material of 4, 6, 8 of 16 mm.


  • With a MX-2 system the grower can create a completely open and completely closed greenhouse.
  • Strong support from the gutters and screwed windows make the MX-2 System solid and reliable.
  • Together with an extensive condensation drainage system, the PVC covers and rubber seals ensure good insulation and water tightness.

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