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Model MX 325 L130/L210 - 25 Ton. - Horizontal Woodsplitters



From the PROFESSIONAL family is born an innovative version, with high level power, reliability and solidity, suitable for big working volumes. The splitter MX 325 “25 tons” is composed by a structure that during the use allows to have a big working space, but then during transport and storage it needs only a small place. It is made up by a beam with the shape of an “H” on the base, that works as sliding guide for the wood pusher and the upper structure, which slides upon it in a telescopic way during the opening and closing operations for utilisation. The functioning is manual in fact, thanks to the 2-hand control levers you can activate the wood pusher in complete safety, allowing a splitting of logs with different heights. It is possible indeed to choose two different distances of 120 /130 cm or 210/220 cm simply moving some beating bushings bolted on the base.

To make the storage and the transport easier it is equipped with a simple but advanced system that allows with a rapid manual movement the upper frame come in or out hydraulically simply introducing or taking away a clamp in the wood pusher, without removing any pins or unloosing any pipes.

It is equipped with a  SUPERVELOX CYLINDER invented by Iross, that makes the cylinder stroke very fast thanks to an extraordinary idea.

There are two models of the MX 325, the shorter version L130 and the revolutionary longer version L210 that allows to have a working space of a varying length from 210 to 220 cm, for those customers that have no limits about logs diameter and length.

It is characterised by the following technical peculiarities:

  • Standard 3° point linkage for the tractor on the versions CD-PD-CD+ET
  • Pneumatic wheels and tow hook standard on the version ET-MS
  • Wood pusher guides made of bronze selflubricating through external changeable grease system
  • Two movable ramps to facilitate the logs charge
  • Adjustable 4-way wedge in 2 differnt heights
  • Double control levers with manual forward and backward movements
  • Telescopic frame whith hydraulic opening and closure
  • Cylinder SUPERVELOX.
  • Short version L1320 or long L210
  • It doesn’t need any special maintenance
  • High –quality Italian components.

The Horizontal “PROFESSIONAL” series has been thought for an intense professional use.

Available versions:   

  • ET: electrical motor EL threephase 400V*.
  • MS: internal combustion engine Briggs &S tratton or Honda 4-stroke engine 8.5*
  • PD: 3° point linkage feeding by the tractor hydraulics **
  • CD: 3° point linkage feeding by tractor PTO shaft with 540 rpm with right or left rotation**
  • CD+ ET: combined with electrical motor + PTO tractor 540 rpm **
  • Models equipped with pneumatic wheels with reems and tow hook standard
  • Optional on request : wheels and tow hook on PD-CD –CD+ET

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