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Model MX470 NT - Circular Saw



The circular saw MX470 NT ensures to work in complete safety having been built in respect of the law in force. This does not exclude a versatile use, a rapid working cycle and a solidity that guarantees in the course of time a professional use. The special swinging support plate allows to proceed with the cutting of different sizes with a little effort. Between the machine several peculiarities, stands out the possibility to load the wood on the means of transport through a telescopic conveyor belt, with different heights.

The Conveyor belt is 250 mm wide and 4 or 5 m. long. It is equipped with 2 manual winches, one for the opening operations thanks to a telescopic system that reduces the space during transport or storage. This allows to just one operator to open and position the conveyor belt in a minute permitting easy movements into the working area. The other winch allows the manual regulation of the tilt angle to obtain different heights depending on the loading you have to carry out.

It is equipped with a bar to regulate the different cutting heights and with an extendable bar to allow the support of longer logs.

The contemporaneous use of both hands on the handlebar of the swinging support plate and the blade protections give to the MX 470 NT efficiency in complete safety.

It is characterised by:

  • Cut and wood transport handiness with just one operator
  • conveyor belt activation by an hydraulic engine or with electrical engine
  • Telescopic belt for loading heights up to 2.70 mt with tilt angle of 45°
  • PVC FLEXAM 8000x 250mm ribbon with 10 sections every 800mm for the transport
  • wood fall protection
  • two studs for stability
  • manual winch with brake and clutch for the telescopic opening and closure.
  • manual winch with brake and clutch for the tilt angle of the belt
  • Big cutting capacity for wood up to 300mm diameter
  • transmission through three belts Z section
  • triple pulleys made of cast iron with conic bushes
  • Bearings-supports disc shaft with external grease system
  • possibility to choose between a steel blade or a carbide blade with a diameter of 700mm with 35mm hole.
  • Adjustable wood support extention for longer wood
  • Regulation bar of the cutting lenght
  • Hight-quality Italian components.

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