Model MXL - Professional Substrate



Extra coarse substrate for potting Mikskaar MXL is a universal potting substrate suitable for potting of a wide range of indoor plants, trees, ornamentals. This mix is suitable for long term cultivation in medium and large pots and containers. The substrate is made of 100% natural, a little decomposed milled peat moss of Estonian origin. Substrate is with excellent water resistance, buffering ability, water and air porosity, it is pest and weed-free. The coarse structure increases the aeration of the growing roots and enhances the stability of structure thus enabling longer growing in the same substrate. The mix is with neutral pH, includes short term NPK fertiliser with trace elements and wetting agent for easier initial irrigation. Well applicable in situations where plants need to cope with high temperatures, lot of sunshine and other stress; the substrate is best for long term growing. Makes your plants grow better!

Suggestions for use
For potting of plants, long term growing.
Extra large pots and containers.

Chemical characteristics
pH 5.2-6.0
N 145-245 mg/l
P2O5 170-280 mg/l
K2O 190-320 mg/l
EC 1.1 mS/cm
Trace elements included

Structure 10-40 mm
Density 140-160 kg/m3 or 180-200kg/m3
Absorption 7-8 times its own weight of dry matter
Dry substance 80 g/l
Moisture 40-60%

Species Sphagnum Sp
Organic matter content Min 85%
Ash content Max 15%

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