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The Mycofix product line represents specially developed feed additives that protect animal health by deactivating mycotoxins found in contaminated feed. Mycofix is suitable for use in poultry, pig and ruminant feed as well as fish and shrimp diets.

Mycotoxins - A ubiquitous problem

The existence of hundreds of mycotoxins with different frequencies and patterns of occurrences, as well as synergistic complications arising from the co-existence of more than one mycotoxin in any given sample, underscores the need for creative and targeted solutions in mycotoxin counteracting strategies.

The Science behind Mycofix®

Key to the effectiveness is a three-pronged strategy of mycotoxin control:


A unique combination of patented specific enzymes and biological components converts mycotoxins into non-toxic, environmentally-safe metabolites.

  • FUMzyme®
    FUMzyme® is the unique first-ever purified enzyme authorized by the EU to biotransform fumonisins specifically and irreversibly into non-toxic metabolites.
  • Biomin® BBSH
    The first-ever EU authorized microorganism that biotransforms trichothecenes into harmless metabolites.
  • Biomin® MTV
    T. mycotoxinivorans is a unique yeast strain to detoxify specifically zearalenone and ochratoxin A in the digestive tract of animals leading to non-toxic substances.


Mineral adsorbents selectively bind adsorbable mycotoxins such as aflatoxins and ergot alkaloids.


Bioprotection ensures the hepato- and immune-protection that counters the negative effects caused by mycotoxins, through a scientifically proven blend of carefully selected plant and algae extracts.

5 proven benefits

  • Enzymatic fumonisin degradation
  • Deactivation of DON, OTA and ZEN by biotransformation
  • Highest aflatoxin adsorption
  • 99 % BIOMIN Bioprotection
  • Unique endotoxin protection

Authorization within the EU

The EU registration for mycotoxin deactivation products is not only the legal basis for official mycotoxin claims. It is also a detailed evaluation with high standards for the efficacy and safety of a product.

Because of its long-standing focus on mycotoxin research, BIOMIN was able to get this successful EU authorization for Biomin® BBSH 797 and the specific bentonite Mycofix® Secure – part of the Mycofix® product line. These two components are the only products till now that have undergone the complete registration procedure and succeeded in a final authorization.

The fine art of formulating phytogenics lies in a suitable combination of the right plant materials because there is a very thin line between a successful formula and a mere mixture of different components. This requires a deep understanding of the flavoring properties as well as the biological effects of plant compounds in the animal organism. Having a combination of different plant materials, including herbs and spices in complete and finely ground form, essential oils and non-volatile extracts, maximizes the full potential that these plants offer.

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