Mycosorb With over fifty-five peer-reviewed in vivo trials, Mycosorb’s mode of action is supported by 16 PhD and 19 Master projects, and has been awarded eight patents that protect its novel composition and proprietary production. Increased productivity inevitably brings new challenges and risks to modern animal production and Mycosorb inclusion in the diet can be a solution.

Feeding Mycosorb reduces mycotoxin absorption in the animal and contributes to the control of mycotoxins.

Mycosorb has several advantages, including a low effective inclusion rate, broad spectrum reach and component broad spectrum reach. The efficacy of Mycosorb has been verified by world renowned research institutes. Worldwide, Mycosorb is a highly successful technology with proven efficacy.

For use in: Dairy, pig, poultry, equine, companion animals, aquaculture.

Patents/approvals: 8 patents

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