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- Model N²PK Organics SuperSix 6-0-5 - Organic Liquid Manure Fertilizer



BioStar's N²PK SuperSix 6-0-5 premium organic liquid fertilizer is a phosphate-free, environmentally responsible source of immediately available nitrogen, soil-enhancing nutrients and pathogen-free organic matter needed to improve root structure and aid stress recovery. SuperSix is certified organic by N-Isotope testing and OMRI-listed for organic use without restriction.

  • SuperSix is the ONLY 'certified' liquid organic source of FAST-ACTING AMMONAICAL NITROGEN in this high concentration
  • 6% Fast-acting Ammonical Nitrogen:
    • The first CERTIFIED liquid organic fertilizer with 6% plant-available nitrogen … guaranteed!
    • The fastest-acting organic fertilizer in the industry today.
    • Equals the response time and efficacy of synthetic chemical urea.
    • The first organic fertilizer that performs during low ambient and soil temperatures of the early season

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