BioStar Systems LLC

- Model N²PK OrGran 3-8-5 - Premium Organic Granular Fertilizer



N²PK OrGran 3-8-5 supplies slow-release organic nitrogen and a natural balance of nutrients to improve soil health and stimulate plant growth. The pathogen-free organic matter in BioStar-digested poultry manure provides carbon and other essential elements to promote and sustain an increased level of natural microbial activity in soil.

  • First completely anaerobically digested poultry litter fertilizer
  • Totally transformed into a uniform, granular, fast acting poultry-litter-based fertilizer product.
  • Low C/N ratio resulting in quick and extensive soil microbial and plant response
  • High calcium level of 8% along with 1% magnesium resulting in 8 to 1 recommended calcium to magnesium ratio
  • No offensive odor
  • Will not burn, cannot be over-applied

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