Model N267/1 – 6t - Manure Spreader



The N267/1 manure spreader with the loading capacity of 6T on a double suspension is equipped with a four drum vertical adapter tilted forward, which guarantees an even, wide spreading of manure. The drums spin in pairs in opposite directions ( looking from the rear of the machine – two right ones – counter clockwise, two left ones – clock wise). Every drum is balanced in order to reduce vibrations during operation. High quality steel replaceable teeth are used. The machine is connected to the tractor to the lower hitch using an adjustable connector (HITCH). In order to protect the drive a safety clutch is used.

The machine is also equipped with a hydraulic, sealed with a rubber gasket on the bottom, tailgate which ensures that the material is not lost during transport. Additionally in order to ensure an even closing of the tailgate, a chain synchronizer was used. To safeguard other drivers from hitting the dangerous drums of the adapter during transport on public roads, a manually removed mesh was used. To protect the sidewalls during loading the machine was equipped with wooden bumpers. In order to make the machine more universal, 500 mm wire mesh or solid top additions to the sidewalls can be used. The operation of the machine is done by the use of one sectional or two sectional hydraulic drive and Boldwen ties, which allows for the connecting of other hydraulic equipment to the tractor (ex. front loader).

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