Model Napa Series - Trailed Sprayer



The NAPA with 3200l and 3800l tank is the most common sprayer for medium-sized and small-sized farms. The smaller tank usually requires water to be brought in a tanker to the field throughout the year. If the fields are too indented, too large of a working width is generally not used. In such a case, customers rather prefer narrower tires in order to reduce damage caused by travelling on the field. A smaller tank is needed for the lower bearing capacity of the tires. On the other hand, the NAPA is shorter than the MAMUT and offers better maneuverability on the headland.

  • upper hinge
  • fixed shaft
  • non-suspended axle extendable 10t ADr
  • air and parking brake
  • AR 250 pump driven by homokinetic drive
  • polyethylene main tank without breakwaters, with internal washing, pressure and overflow agitation
  • manually tilting PE 60l admixing tank with quadruple function controller, internal washing, water mark, rinsing nozzle for canisters, and agitating nozzle
  • PE 15l canister for washing
  • 370l PE tank for clean water with watermark, central 5-way pressure valve, central 5-way suction valve, external 2“ filling and suction, 1 suction + 1 pressure filter
  • computer SPRAYDOS
  • Valve cover on the left and storage box on the right
  • air control fitting
  • 4 driving sections up to 21m (b.21), 6 driving sections over 21m (b.28)
  • booms with active tilting and potentiometer, full set of shock absorbers on the booms and swing
  • stainless steel pipes in the booms Ø 20mm with triple nozzle holders in 50cm intervals
  • lights for road travel
  • hydraulics controlled with two hydraulic circuits from the tractor
  • homokinetic joint drive
  • wheels 300/95 R46 151 A8

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