Natural Ventilation



FLEXIBLE SOLUTION : Natural ventilation is an ideal solution - primarily for cattle housing, but can also be used for pig housing with penning. The ventilation system is built in modules of 2 m length. The width can vary, depending on the need for sunlight opening - with a span from 1500 to 3500 mm. As a standard, the ventilation system is performed with fixed open ridge, but it can be exchanged with an adjustable ridge to optimize and adjust the ventilation further. The adjustable ridge can easily be fitted to the standard model, since it does not require changes of the construction.

The cappings are made of sea water resistant aluminum, and the construction is made of galvanized steel, which together ensure a weatherproof and durable solution.
On each side of the ventilation device there is mounted a wind protection plate, creating a vacuum between the roof plate and the wind protection plate, whereby the ventilation is made automatically. 

The ventilation system is mounted on the roof construction with roof with a 10 mm clear, multilayer polycarbonate which provides both an insulating effect as well as ensuring good light in the house.

Ventilation with adjustable ridge can be adjusted manually - individually for each side. Individual adjustment is beneficial during periods of strong wind, blowing on the sides of the ridge.
Alternatively, the ventilation system can be connected to a Linak motor and an electronic climate control, i.e. the CC10 control, where all the management processes in the housing unit can be assembled in a single control. The electronic climate control enables a continuous and uniform ventilation of the housing unit.

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