- Model 12-2-6 - Ammonium Sulfate Fortified Fertilizer


Nature Safe 12-2-6 Ammonium Sulfate Fortified Fertilizer is designed for use when immediate color and growth is desired along with the natural release of high quality proteins. It is ideal for high pH soils but also performs well on all soil types. This product will jump start your turf in the spring and also helps revive turf in the early fall after the hot summer stress periods. The meat by-product meals within Nature Safe 12-2-6 make for a healthy soil and in turn healthy turf. This product was also designed for multiple applications during grow-in situations. The quick release nitrogen encourages growth with timely applications. The slow-release organic proteins and carbohydrates will build up a long lasting, slower feed for development of healthy deep roots. Virtually all of the product is utilized through complete plant uptake, minimal leaching and volatilization.

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