- Model 5-6-6 - Starter Fertilizer


Nature Safe 5-6-6 Starter Fertilizer is designed for the development of deep healthy roots. This homogeneous, slow-release, non-burning fertilizer also contains humus which conditions the soil and increases water retention. Humus is soil organic matter which has the ability to buffer plants against high concentrations of salts. It improves the Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) of the soil to minimize leaching and enhance uptake of phosphates and other essential micronutrients to improve vigor. This product will help in the mineralization of insoluble nutrients. Added carbohydrates provide excellent food energy for soil microorganisms. The nitrogen sources are meat meal, blood meal, hydrolyzed feather meal and fish meal. The natural source of phosphorus and calcium is steamed bone meal. Langbeinite is rich in potassium, sulfur and magnesium, all of which are vital for root development. This product should be applied in spring and fall during aeration to promote deep healthy roots.

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