Clover Organic Pvt. Ltd.

- Model AH - Microbial Feed Supplement for Animal Husbandry


NatureVel - AH is a brand created, manufactured and marketed in India specifically for Animal Husbandry segment by Clover Organic Pvt. Ltd. under agreement with Biosa, Denmark

It is a certified organic product, which can address all the needs of the farmers. The product enables the farmers to get higher yields and better quality at reduced costs. At the same time the natural resources are conserved at all times, thereby bringing in sustainability.

The product is a mixture of both microbes and herbs, which is made through a complex production process under the guidance of Biosa, Denmark. Biosa is operating in more than 30 Countries worldwide with a strong R & D background.

As it is certified organic no protective clothing for is needed for application. The microbes are non-GM (Genetically Modified) and not exotic.

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