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- Model 12LB Pail up to 1/8th Acre Coverage - Granular Herbicide



Action: A granular aquatic herbicide which selectively controls some of the most troublesome aquatic plants such as water milfoil, coontail, and spatterdock. Gradual release and systemic action ensures complete kill of the entire plant.

Navigate is formulated on special heat treated attaclay granules that resist rapid decomposition in water, sink quickly to lake or pond bottoms and release the weed killing chemical in the critical root zone area. This product is designed to selectively control the weeds listed on the label. While certain other weeds may be suppressed, control may be incomplete. Reduced control may occur in lakes where water replacement comes from bottom springs.

When to Apply For best results, spread NAVIGATE in the spring and early summer, during the time weeds start to grow. If desired, this timing can be checked by sampling the lake bottom in areas heavily infested with weeds the year before. If treatments are delayed until weeds form a dense mat or reach the surface, two treatments may be necessary. Make the second treatment when weeds show signs of recovery.

Treatments made after September may be less effective depending upon water temperatures and weed growth. Occasionally, a second application will be necessary if heavy regrowth occurs or weeds reinfest from untreated areas.

Contains: 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid, dimethylamine salt 46.8%


  • Selective control of troublesome weeds
  • Gradual release ensures complete kill
  • Acts as a growth regulator and herbicide
  • Controls milfoil, coontail and spatterdock
  • Up to 1/8th Acre coverage

Controls or partially controls

  • Water Milfoil
  • Water stargrass slightly to moderately resistant
  • Bladderwort
  • White water Lily
  • Yellow water lily
  • Or spatterdock*
  • Water shield
  • Water chestnut
  • Coontail*
  • *Repeat treatments may be needed.


  • Swimming - None
  • Fishing - None
  • Irrigation - See Label

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