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- Trailed Trailer Sprayer


The large range of high quality features makes the NAVIGATOR the obvious choice. 3000 - 6000 L, Booms 12 to 36m.

NAVIGATOR is synonymous with high quality and design which supports functionality. Properties which secure the value for the money and ease of use. In the HARDI trailer family NAVIGATOR is middle-sized. In all other contests NAVIGATOR is everything but middle-sized. The large range of high quality features makes the NAVIGATOR the obvious choice.


The NAVIGATOR is available with two filling devices, PumpFiller or FastFiller

Both systems use a heavy-duty aluminium coupling.


  • Uses suction capacity of the pump for filling


  • Capable of filling up to 500 l/min
  • 100 % self-priming


The HARDI TurboFiller is able to handle large quantities of powders and liquids. Its high capacity is achieved through a combination of high vacuum and liquid rotation inside the hopper.

TurboFiller uses high pressure rotating liquid to completely mix the powder and liquid chemicals before they are sucked into the sprayer.

  • High mixing capacity
  • Very high vacuum and suction capacity
  • Rotating nozzle used for cleaning containers and the TurboFiller itself
  • 1 m. Cleaning pipe

All primary functions needed for filling or cleaning the sprayer are built into two handles located in the centre of the working zone. The logically placed handles with easy-to-read icons make the system very intuitively to operate and greatly reduce the start-up and operation time of the sprayer.

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