GAB Neumann GmbH

Model NB/HB/KB - Annular-Groove Condenser


Condensers for highly corrosive applications with high heat transfer. Corrosion resistant on both service and product side. Vertical or horizontal installation. Dephlegmation applications possible. Carbon fibre reinforcement (optional). Detachable header and bottom for mechanical cleaning of product side (optional).

  • Condensing of chlorinated solvents and acidic chlorides in pharmaceutical, agrochemical or dyestuff industries
  • Condensing vapours in inorganic processes (e.g. sulphuric-acidic vapours, hydrochloridic vapours)
  • maximum temperature range: -60 to +200°C
  • maximum pressure envelope: -1 bar to +6 bar
  • other temperatures and pressures on request

  • Both flow cross-sections are variable, thus resulting in high heat transfer rates and self-cleaning
  • No gaskets and therefore no risk of leakage
  • No critical swelling stress caused by the use of organic solvents

  • High operational safety
  • High operational availability
  • Minimised maintenance needs
  • Small heat transfer area requirements
  • Small special needs

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