NCM Odor & Dust Control

NCM Odor & Dust Control

- Organic Compost 908 Stabilizer and Odor Reducer



These fungi and synergistic anaerobes that attacks the raw material in a compost pile and converts it into stable, odorless humus. NCM 908 organisms are from two phases of fermentation, each produced separately in concentrated form, dried then blended. One group starts conversion at temperatures up to 107°F. When mixed with raw organic waste, the first organisms come to life. This action preconditions the material. This makes a large quantity of material available to the bacteria and fungi for use in the second stage. i.e. used to create roughly three main classes of rich humus, that can be applied for soil abatement.

  • CLASS I - Nitrogen-rich sewage sludge, offal, animal protein waste, fish residue, blood, vegetable wastes, poultry and stable manure or any waste containing over 14% protein.
  • CLASS II - Carbohydrate-rich sugar, cereals, grains, fruit trimmings, vegetable trimmings.
  • CLASS III - Carbohydrate-rich straw, leaves, paper wastes, hardwood shavings, sawdust, well aged softwood, oat hulls, rice hulls and grass non-toxic, non-flammable, biodegradable, noncorrosive and non-volatile. is a potent combination of billions of aerobic bacteria,

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