New Direction Equipment (NDE)

- Model 1402 Series - Side-Door Mixer



If you are looking for a vertical feed mixer that will easily feed up to 100 head and do it as economical as possible, the NDE 1402 is the mixer for you.

2 Speed Gearbox:

Supplied on all 2706, 2806 & 3806. Optional on all other mixers. Choose from 1.3-1, 1.5-1 or 1.8-1 ratio. Talk to one of our Vertical Mixer Specialists to determine the best choice for your operation.

3 Ft. Side Conveyor:

The 3 ft. side conveyor is excellent for feeding into low bunks or for floor/ground feeding where you are interested in getting the feed farther away from the mixer that what the plain side chute will do. It has a ground clearance of 32' at 15 degrees and 42' at 35 degrees.

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