Agricultural industry Equipment near Israel

  • Model PLC-80A - Electronic Reverse Polarity

    Model: PLC-80A. Max Input Power Voltage: SSVDC. Max Output Current: 80A. External Supply Voltage Range: 20-60VDC. Timing Input: TTI HI/LOW, ISOLATED. Control and ext. supply connector: D-Type 9pin male. IN and OUT power connector: Bus 15x3mm, MS.

    By ELGRESSY Ltd. Office in ISRAEL.

  • Model Oz - Arched greenhouse

    Oz Greenhouse is the model appropriate for growing of all kinds of vegetables and flowers.   All greenhouse components are made of galvanized iron with closed profiles, without any need for welding, using a unique connector.  It is the most massive greenhouse with a weight of 4.5 tons per acre (minimum). The greenhouse is constructed according ...

    By Telman greenhouses ltd based in ISRAEL.

  • LI190SB-L LI-COR Quantum Sensor

    LI190SB accurately measures Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density (PPFD) in both natural and artificial light. PPFD is the number of photons in the 400 to 700 nm waveband incident per unit time on a unit surface. Because PPFD describes photosynthetic activity, the LI190SB is ideal forgrowth chambers and greenhouses.

    By Campbell Scientific, Inc. Distributor in ISRAEL. from Sensors Product line

  • Eclipse Professional Grade Optical Hand Held Refractometer

    Hand-held refractometers are low-cost, portable instruments used for ‘on the spot’ determination of Refractive Index (RI) of liquids or the concentration of solutions. Offering a choice of scales, Eclipse refractometers can be used in a multitude of applications across many and varied industries.

  • LI-COR - Model LI-3000C - Portable Area Meter

    The LI-3000C Portable Area Meter combines an easy to use readout console with the proven scanning technology of the LI-3000C sensor head to provide a powerful system for portable, non-destructive leaf area measurements. It utilizes an electronic method of rectangular approximation to provide 1 mm2 resolution. Leaf area, leaf length, average width, ...

    By LI-COR Distributor in ISRAEL.

  • LI-COR - Model LI-8100A - Automated Soil CO2 Flux System

    The LI-8100A System’s modular design allows you to build a custom system that fits your particular research needs. All systems start with the LI-8100A, which is the weather tight enclosure that houses system components for gas analysis, chamber control, data storage, and data communications. Next, choose from a variety of soil chambers to ...

    By LI-COR Distributor in ISRAEL.

  • Model HD1600 - Dual Boom Hedgers

    The HD1600 is a medium duty, dual boom hedger designed to hedge both sides of a row in a single pass.  The unique design of the machine ensures that the width and angle of the cutting arms are equal with respect to the center of the machine regardless of their adjusted position. The variable speed rotating wings combined with the eight ...

    By Afron Machinery ltd based in ISRAEL.

  • Silos & Feed Transport Systems

    EDK is supplying the full range of feed and grain silos. The silos can be ordered in all standard sizes and diameters, including additional features. These silos are used by the food industry, as well as other market sectors, for a variety of storage purposes. The feed transport systems are also manufactured in different sizes and are available ...

    By EDK Technology & Electricity Ltd. based in ISRAEL.

  • Afron - Model HAS 650 / 950 - Pruning/Picking Towers

    The Afron HAS pruning / picking towers are our heavy duty line of towers designed to address higher reaching agricultural applications.  The Afron HAS models are designed for picking, pruning and cultivating of various types of orchards from 20 feet (6 meters) to 31 feet (9.5 meters).  The HAS model towers maintain the simple and rugged ...

    By Afron Machinery ltd based in ISRAEL.

  • 4WHB10K 4-Wire Half-Bridge Module

    The 4WHB10K provides a completion resistor for 4-wire half-bridge measurements. This module should be used with sensors that have a 10 kOhm resistance.

    By Campbell Scientific, Inc. Distributor in ISRAEL. from Measurement & Control Product line

  • SW12V Power Switch Assembly

    The SW12V allows a datalogger control port to control the status of an internal switch, thereby controlling whether 12 Vdc power is passed to an external peripheral.

    By Campbell Scientific, Inc. Distributor in ISRAEL. from Measurement & Control Product line

  • VDIV2.1 2:1 Voltage Divider

    The VDIV2:1 divides the sensor's signal voltage by a factor of 2. Increased input settling time may be necessary to accommodate the relatively high resistance of the voltage divider. Both resistors are ±0.02% 10 kOhms.

    By Campbell Scientific, Inc. Distributor in ISRAEL. from Measurement & Control Product line

  • SDM-IO16 16-Channel Input/Output Expansion Module

    The SDM-IO16 expands the digital input and/or output capability of Campbell Scientific dataloggers. It offers similar functionality to the control ports of our CR10X and CR23X dataloggers. When configured as an input, each port can monitor logic state, count pulses, measure signal frequency, and determine duty cycle. The SDM-IO16 can also be ...

    By Campbell Scientific, Inc. Distributor in ISRAEL. from Measurement & Control Product line

  • SDM-SIO4 4-Channel Serial I/O Interface

    The SDM-SIO4 has four configurable serial RS-232 ports that communicate with intelligent serial sensors, display boards, printers, satellite links, and other serial devices. Once programmed, the SDM-SIO4 communicates with devices connected in parallel with the datalogger's own program sequence, thus making the complete datalogging system faster ...

    By Campbell Scientific, Inc. Distributor in ISRAEL. from Measurement & Control Product line

  • SDM-INT8 8-Channel Interval Timer

    The SDM-INT8 provides eight channels individually programmed to detect voltage transitions, then output any combination of period, pulse width, frequency, counts, and time intervals. Processing by the datalogger yields RPM, duty cycle, velocity, crank angle, etc.

    By Campbell Scientific, Inc. Distributor in ISRAEL. from Measurement & Control Product line

  • SDM-CD16AC 16-Channel ac/dc Relay Controller

    The SDM-CD16AC is a synchronous device equipped with relay control ports that control power to each of 16 external ac or dc devices. Each relay port can be controlled automatically by the datalogger's program or controlled manually with an override toggle switch. When under datalogger control, the state of the relay is controlled by the SDM ...

    By Campbell Scientific, Inc. Distributor in ISRAEL. from Measurement & Control Product line

  • Air Velocity Transducers

    TSI's Air Velocity Transducers provide the flexibility you need for your air velocity measurement applications. Three different sensor types and four standard probe lengths let you configure the transducer for your measurement needs. The air velocity transducers' full-scale range, output and time constants are user-selectable for additional ...

    By TSI Incorporated Distributor in ISRAEL. from Ventilation Test Instruments Product line

  • Irrigation Switch On/Off Sensor

    Track irrigation events with the rest of your soil moisture data by recording when water is turned on and off.

    By METER Group, Inc. Distributor in ISRAEL. from Environmental Sensors Product line

  • Model K100 - Force Tensiometer

    The universal instrument for analyzing surfactants and solid surfaces. Our universal Force Tensiometer – K100 performs high-precision, automatic and reliable measurements of surface tension and interfacial tension, critical micelle concentration CMC and contact angle on solids, fibers and powders. With high-quality components and a uniquely ...

    By KRÜSS GmbH Distributor in ISRAEL. from Tensiometer Product line

  • LI-COR - Model LI-6400XT - Portable Photosynthesis System

    The LI-6400XT Portable Photosynthesis and Fluorescence System is the most referenced photosynthesis system worldwide in peer-reviewed literature. It has multiple advantages that make it the top choice for researchers.

    By LI-COR Distributor in ISRAEL.

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