Agricultural industry Equipment near Poland

  • Murska - Model 1400 - Crimping Mills

    The Murska 1400 S 2x2 is equipped with a unique roller cassette, driven by four gears, achieving a crimping capacity of up to 20 t/h. The tractor power requirement is 140 hp. The mill has an air-spring transport chassis, enabling quick changes between work locations. Standard equipment includes hydraulic elevator tilt, working lights and a tool ...

    By Aimo Kortteen Konepaja Oy Distributor in POLAND. from Murska Mills Product line

  • Murska - Model 350 - Grain Crimping Mills

    The mill has three-point linkage and it is generally powered by a tractor. Power requirement is 30-40 hp, and 15 kW with an electric motor. Wet grain crimping capacity is 5 t/h, while with dry grain it is 3-10 t/h, depending on the roller surface.

    By Aimo Kortteen Konepaja Oy Distributor in POLAND. from Murska Mills Product line

  • TeeJet - Grain Loss Monitors

    Using optimized sensors developed with 25 years of grain loss experience, almost any combine harvester can be fitted with a grain loss system. The sieve sensor measures the amount of grain lost from the sieves, thus indicating that adjusments need to be made to the fan speed or to the overall throughput of the machine. For example, the straw ...

    By TeeJet Technologies Distributor in POLAND. from Machine Monitoring Products Product line

  • TeeJet - Model Aeros 9040 - Field Computers

    With the perfect combination of innovative new technology and tried and true subsystems, the Aeros 9040 offers the capabilities you need to get the most of your precision farming investment. Aeros is a complete field computer that offers precision guidance, auto-steering, application rate control, mapping, variable rate application, Automatic Boom ...

    By TeeJet Technologies Distributor in POLAND. from Field Computers Product line

  • Model L Series - LED Lights

    L-series T8 tubes are available in 600, 900, 1200, 1500  and 1800 mm lengths. Can be installed in fluorescent tube fixtures without modification (fixtures with magnetic ballast). L-series provide best possible uniformity as the full spectrum is integrated into a single chip making it ideal for tissue culture and propagation applications. ...

    By Valoya Oy Distributor in POLAND.

  • Model BX Series - LED Lights

    High intensity (up to 2,1 µmol/W) bar shaped luminaires. Dimmable by default. Light, slim and robust. IP67 and IK08 rating – resistant to extreme humidity (even water submersion), dust, impact and harsh chemical cleaning agents. Come in three lengths 0,9 m / 35″, 1,2 m / 46

    By Valoya Oy Distributor in POLAND.

  • TeeJet - Model QJS - Multiple Nozzle Bodies

    Multiple outlet, stackable nozzle body is ideal for both pull-type and self-propelled sprayers.

    By TeeJet Technologies Distributor in POLAND. from Spray Products - Broadcast Spray Nozzles Product line

  • Model T600 - Tractor Centrifugal Pump

    Suitable ratios 1:5,2, 1:5,7, 1:6,3, 1:7. Impeller R.P.M. 3400. Capacity  600, 800, 1000, 1200. Pump head (bar) 57, 56, 53, 49. Absorbed power (hp) 13, 15, 17, 18,5.

    By Irtec S.p.A. Distributor in POLAND. from Centrifugal Pumps Product line

  • Kuhn - Model PF SELECT 1000 - 1500 - Integrated Sprayers

    Lacking in autonomy? An excellent solution is the PF front sprayer. It increases the productivity of a mounted sprayer as well as balances out the load on the tractor while remaining exceptionally compact. This sprayer offers excellent handling and increases output to the equivalent of a trailed or self-propelled sprayer. Combined with the ALTIS ...

    By KUHN S.A. Distributor in POLAND. from Spraying- Integrated Sprayers Product line

  • IRTEC - Model 13/19 - Spray Booms

    13 mt. low pressure spray boom (working widht 19 mt.), fixed structure, without trolley, complete with 15 yellow nozzles + 2 end-nozzles. Available on structures: ALA 13/19.

    By Irtec S.p.A. Distributor in POLAND. from Spray Booms Product line

  • Oniar - Model 10T Series - Trailers

    The trailer with 2 frame beams and 10 tons of carrying capacity can withstand in hard conditions. The trailer is designed for customers who use the machines on a daily basis. Price, quality and work efficiency are the best key words to characterize the product. Each trailer has a rear light protection system, a draw bar locking system and parking ...

    By Oniar LLC Distributor in POLAND. from Trailers Product line

  • AXENT - Model 100.1 - Twin Disc Fertiliser Trailed Spreader

    100% of the application rate is spread on both sides to provide the nutrients necessary for you to reach your yield objectives. AXENT 100.1 is the only spreader on the market equipped with EMC application rate control on either side. The position of the metering outlet is corrected every second, according to the torque measured on each spreading ...

  • AGRISEM Platinum - Soil Looseners

    The Combiplow Platinum is a loosener Combiplow combined: it was created to fit between the tractor and a tool such as a combined seeding, a harrow or a rotary harrow.This model is available in shear bolt security or in spring security.Its maximum compactness ensures a low overhang (35 cm in shear bolt security, 75 cm in spring security). The ...

    By AGRISEM International S.A.S. Distributor in POLAND. from AGRISEM Combinable Soil Loosener Product line

  • Polyvinyl Chloride PVC-S

    The major product of ANWIL SA PVC&PVC Compounds Complex is suspension-effected polyvinyl chloride. The trading name of the PVC of Włocławek is POLANVIL. The material meets the highest quality requirements. The quality of POLANVIL is determined by the plants features, including: stripping fittings - for unprocessed vinyl chloride ...

    By ANWIL SA based in Włocławek, POLAND.

  • Bases for Pump

    Structure made in hot galvanised steel with rainer-supporting upper flange. Suitable for very deep furrows.

    By Giampi S.R.L. Distributor in POLAND.

  • IRTEC - Model G/ A1 Series - Hose Reel

    Galvanized raingun trolley mounted on variable track wheels. - with 2 standard solid wheels + 3rd central air wheel with adjustable width (from G/A1 to G/D5). Safety panels in compliance with C.E.E. regulations. Sprinkler (slow reverse) with set of nozzles. Hot galvanized chassis and turn-table. Mechanical lifting and hold-down of sprinkler ...

    By Irtec S.p.A. Distributor in POLAND. from IRTEC Hose Reels Product line

  • AGRISEM Silver - Combiplow

    The Combiplow Silver is a combinable soil loosener: it has been made to go between the tractor and, for example, a seeder or a rotative harrow.Its compactness of 37,5 cm deep garantees a low risk of unstable position. The specially studied frame enables an easy passage of the universal joint for the animated tools.It has been ...

    By AGRISEM International S.A.S. Distributor in POLAND. from AGRISEM Combinable Soil Loosener Product line

  • Model FB1 - Bath for sheep hooves disinfection

    A hooves bath is a simple and effective technique that reduces hooves disease.

    By JFC Polska Sp. z o.o. based in DĄBRÓWKA, POLAND. from Cattle - Maintaining Hygiene Product line

  • Model FBP05 - Bath for shoes disinfection

    Designed for people and pedestrians. Effective and easy-to-use, It is filled with a special kind of polyether foam which is resist to disinfectants actions, in the bath just opposed to the mats.

    By JFC Polska Sp. z o.o. based in DĄBRÓWKA, POLAND. from Cattle - Maintaining Hygiene Product line

  • Weighting and Packing Machine

    This machine is for packing farming produce ( onion, carrot, potato, etc.). Machine works individually or as part of technological line. Unite of steering makes possible connecting printers and printing of etiquettes. The machine is controlled manually or automatically.

    By Arikon – agro based in Środa Wlkp./near Poznan, POLAND.

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