Agricultural industry Equipment near Poland

  • TeeJet - Model Aeros 9040 - Field Computers

    With the perfect combination of innovative new technology and tried and true subsystems, the Aeros 9040 offers the capabilities you need to get the most of your precision farming investment. Aeros is a complete field computer that offers precision guidance, auto-steering, application rate control, mapping, variable rate application, Automatic Boom ...

    By TeeJet Technologies Distributor in POLAND. from Field Computers Product line

  • Model L-Series - Growth Chambers and Multilayers

    L-series lights can be used in T8 fixtures designed for fluorescent tubes without modification. Energy savings compared to FLC tubes is up to 50 % making it ideal for applications were good light quality and low heat emissions are critical. L-series tubes are available in a variety of spectra making it ideal for multilayer systems, growth chambers ...

    By Valoya Oy Distributor in POLAND.

  • TeeJet - Model QJS - Multiple Nozzle Bodies

    Multiple outlet, stackable nozzle body is ideal for both pull-type and self-propelled sprayers.

    By TeeJet Technologies Distributor in POLAND. from Spray Products - Broadcast Spray Nozzles Product line

  • Murska - Model 1400 - Crimping Mills

    The Murska 1400 S 2x2 is equipped with a unique roller cassette, driven by four gears, achieving a crimping capacity of up to 20 t/h. The tractor power requirement is 140 hp. The mill has an air-spring transport chassis, enabling quick changes between work locations. Standard equipment includes hydraulic elevator tilt, working lights and a tool ...

    By Aimo Kortteen Konepaja Oy Distributor in POLAND. from Murska Mills Product line

  • Murska - Model 350 - Crimping Mills

    The mill has three-point linkage and it is generally powered by a tractor. Power requirement is 30-40 hp, and 15 kW with an electric motor. Wet grain crimping capacity is 5 t/h, while with dry grain it is 3-10 t/h, depending on the roller surface.

    By Aimo Kortteen Konepaja Oy Distributor in POLAND. from Murska Mills Product line

  • Model M – 86 - Poke Clipping Machines

    That machine is for filling and closing every kind of bags. Bags are closing on metal clips. M-86 is operating by mechanical pedal.

    By Arikon – agro based in Środa Wlkp./near Poznan, POLAND.

  • Potatoes Sorting Machine

    This machine is assigned for sorting potatoes for 3 parts according to dimensions of potatoes. In the same time small impurities and wastes are removed. There is a selected table with special rolls which makes easy choosing damaged potatoes. This sorter is adapted to needs of small and medium farms. This machine can work in a room or in the open ...

    By Arikon – agro based in Środa Wlkp./near Poznan, POLAND.

  • Kuhn - Model PF SELECT 1000 - 1500 - Integrated Sprayers

    Lacking in autonomy? An excellent solution is the PF front sprayer. It increases the productivity of a mounted sprayer as well as balances out the load on the tractor while remaining exceptionally compact. This sprayer offers excellent handling and increases output to the equivalent of a trailed or self-propelled sprayer. Combined with the ALTIS ...

    By KUHN S.A. Distributor in POLAND. from Spraying- Integrated Sprayers Product line

  • Model HSM 208F 6WD 12t - Forwarder

    Of the 6-cylinder models, the HSM 208F 6WD 12t forwarder model has the highest load capacity. 12t payloads are possible without any problem. The main feature of the 208F 6WD is its 6 wheel concept, which still has a strong fan base. The HSM 208F 6WD impresses above all with tractive power, all-terrain capability and driving performance. This makes ...

    By HSM Hohenloher Spezial-Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG Distributor in BIAŁYSTOK, POLAND. from Forwarder Product line

  • Omnivent - Room Ventilation

    For storing the product in boxes at a specific temperature, in stacks of approximately 7.5 metres high. Ventilation takes place by a natural airflow around the boxes.

    By Omnivent Techniek BV Office in POLAND.

  • Model TYPE WP - Vertical Mix Wagon

    Vertical Mix Wagon is designed for preparing, transporting different mixture of fodders and for giving to feeding place directly. Standard equipment allows to give fodder on left or right side.

    By METALTECH Sp. z o.o. based in Mirosławiec, POLAND. from Mixer Wagons Product line

  • Kuhn - Model MGD 5200-15 3PT - Grain Drills

    The 5200 PRO Series grain drills are available in 15' or 20' sizes in 3-point mounts to meet your farm requirements. These drills have seeding capability for conventional or minimum-till with the PRO openers on 6', 7 ½' or 10' spacing; minimum-till or no-till with the HR PRO openers on 7 ½' or 10' spacing. Openers are also arranged ...

    By KUHN S.A. Distributor in POLAND. from Seeding- Mechanical Seed Drills Product line

  • AXENT - Model 100.1 - Twin Disc Fertiliser Trailed Spreader

    100% of the application rate is spread on both sides to provide the nutrients necessary for you to reach your yield objectives. AXENT 100.1 is the only spreader on the market equipped with EMC application rate control on either side. The position of the metering outlet is corrected every second, according to the torque measured on each spreading ...

  • Model PH-6 - Hook Lift Trailer

    Hydraulic steering system for mechanism.hydraulic brakes.electric light installation.hand-brake.shore wedges.side-protective slats.hydraulic support leg.the removal of the installation on the back beam to connecting of the second trailer

    By METALTECH Sp. z o.o. based in Mirosławiec, POLAND. from Hook Lift Trailer Type PH Product line

  • Bolting Mill

    Bolting mill is for sieving transported material by the conveyor filling in. Depending on requirements bolting mill can be rotational or shock. In case of the revolving bolting mill sieving stepping for setting in motion with drive of the rotational drum with appropriate meshes. However in case of the shock bolting mill sieving is an effect of the ...

    By AGROMECH Sp. z o.o. based in Rogoźno Wlkp., POLAND. from Components Product line

  • Furnances - Steels Tank

    Taking into account growing steels of requiring furnaces as for the quality, the type of fuel and ecological conditions, we offer a whole range of furnaces to a liquid, gas and solid fuel about the power from 300 up to 2500 kW. These furnaces are intended for the cooperation with roofed driers, drum driers or other devices of this type, where the ...

    By AGROMECH Sp. z o.o. based in Rogoźno Wlkp., POLAND. from Components Product line

  • Chemical Continuous Treater

    The PETKUS Chemical Continuous Treater is used for chemically treating seed with pesticides. It is used mainly for grain and the seed dressing agent is applied on the grain in one layer in a continuous flow. Several seed dressing agents can be dosed at the same time.

    By PETKUS Distributor in Gostyń, POLAND. from Treating Product line

  • Model FBP05 - Bath for shoes disinfection

    Designed for people and pedestrians. Effective and easy-to-use, It is filled with a special kind of polyether foam which is resist to disinfectants actions, in the bath just opposed to the mats.

    By JFC Polska Sp. z o.o. based in DĄBRÓWKA, POLAND. from Cattle - Maintaining Hygiene Product line

  • Standard Fox - Mounted Sprayer

    The “Standard Fox” mounted sprayer produced since 2001 represents one of the most popular of sprayers from Caffini S.p.A. Its design is specific for growers of medium hectarage, by which it distinguishes itself with the high level of quality components used and the working flexibility of the “Entry” boom with which is ...

    By Caffini S.p.A. Distributor in POLAND. from Caffini Boom Sprayers Product line

  • Hydrotarget - Mounted Sprayer

    The “Target” series is a sturdy mounted sprayer, easy to use, good for small and medium surfaces. Excellent to spray in all the cultivations. The large range of accessories allows to adapt the machine to all the requests.

    By Caffini S.p.A. Distributor in POLAND. from Caffini Boom Sprayers Product line

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