Equipment near Poland

  • Phytotoxkit Microbiotests

    72h seed germination and early growth microbiotest with 3 higher plants (one monocotyl and two dicotyls). A Phytotoxkit accessories package is also available for easy test preparation.

    By MicroBioTests Inc. Distributor in POLAND. from The Toxkit Range Product line


    (Low cost) Toxkit incubator with lateral illumination (for all invertebrate Toxkit tests).

    By MicroBioTests Inc. Distributor in POLAND. from Toxkit Equipment Product line

  • Batch Chemical Treaters

    The PETKUS Batch Chemical Treaters is used for chemical seed treating, precision coating and pelletizing of all types of seeds such as vegetable, grass, grain, corn, oilseeds and pulses with fungicides, insecticides, plant growth regulators (micronutrients and inoculants) and polymers. This process guarantees a continuously high quality and a ...

    By PETKUS Technologie GmbH Distributor in Gostyń, POLAND. from Treating Product line

  • Model PH-6 - Hook Lift Trailer

    Hydraulic steering system for mechanism.hydraulic brakes.electric light installation.hand-brake.shore wedges.side-protective slats.hydraulic support leg.the removal of the installation on the back beam to connecting of the second trailer

    By METALTECH Sp. z o.o. based in Mirosławiec, POLAND. from Hook Lift Trailer Type PH Product line

  • Model FBP05 - Bath for shoes disinfection

    Designed for people and pedestrians. Effective and easy-to-use, It is filled with a special kind of polyether foam which is resist to disinfectants actions, in the bath just opposed to the mats.

    By JFC Polska Sp. z o.o. based in DĄBRÓWKA, POLAND. from Cattle - Maintaining Hygiene Product line

  • Large Rat Bait Box

    We invite you to purchase a rat bait box made with polypropylene. Dimensions: 340 x 100 (with lock) x 92 mm (L x W x H).

    By DEXA Sp. J. based in Bielsko-Biała, POLAND.

  • Chemical Continuous Treater

    The PETKUS Chemical Continuous Treater is used for chemically treating seed with pesticides. It is used mainly for grain and the seed dressing agent is applied on the grain in one layer in a continuous flow. Several seed dressing agents can be dosed at the same time.

    By PETKUS Technologie GmbH Distributor in Gostyń, POLAND. from Treating Product line

  • Weighting and Packing Machine

    This machine is for packing farming produce ( onion, carrot, potato, etc.). Machine works individually or as part of technological line. Unite of steering makes possible connecting printers and printing of etiquettes. The machine is controlled manually or automatically.

    By Arikon – agro based in Środa Wlkp./near Poznan, POLAND.

  • Model WG-Welesilver - Moisture Curing Single Pack Urethane Finish Coating of Aluminium-Colored

    WG-Welesilver is single pack polyurethane, moisture curing coating designed to create decorative finishing layer in one-component moisture-curing systems urethane coatings. WG-Welesilver is an UV resistant coating of aluminic colour with high solid residue level, has perfect impact, corrosion and abrasive resistance. The coating can be applied at ...

    By Welesgard Office in POLAND. from Polyurethane Coatings, Moisture Cured Product line

  • Model RMSI63 - Motor Circut Breakers

    Circuit-breakers up to 63 A

    By Relpol S.A. based in Żary, woj. lubuskie, POLAND. from Industrial Automation Equipment Product line

  • Model M – 86 - Poke Clipping Machines

    That machine is for filling and closing every kind of bags. Bags are closing on metal clips. M-86 is operating by mechanical pedal.

    By Arikon – agro based in Środa Wlkp./near Poznan, POLAND.

  • GeoSteer - Automated Steering Systems

    The all-new GeoSteer automated steering system was designed for farmers looking for repeatable, sub-inch accuracy, making it ideal for planting, spraying and other field operations that require precise automated steering. In the past, growers have had to choose between more expensive full-featured, high accuracy systems and simpler, more ...

    By PHU PAWROL based in Jabłonna, POLAND.

  • EVO Cargo - Monocoque Trailers

    EVO Cargo is a product designed for use in the harsh conditions. It can be used both for the transport of agricultural products (corn, root crops) and building materials (sand, gravel). Strong construction, high-quality tires and a sprung shaft ensure enables a safety transport of the products. Ergonomic design, smooth interior and hydraulic rear ...

    By A-Lima-Bis Ltd. based in Środa Wielkopolska, POLAND. from Agriculture Machines Product line

  • Harvesting Trolley Covered with MDF Board

    Harvesting trolley covered with MDF board. High quality of MDF board. Powder painted frame fastening system to connect trolleys like 'train'. Middle steering wheels moved to the back (comfortable movement in case of fastening the trolleys together)

    By F.P.H.U. Maryniaczyk based in Błaszki, POLAND. from Harvesting Trolleys Product line

  • HORTIMAN - Model 2HD 3.00 - Hydraulic Trolley

    Hydraulic trolley HORTIMAN 2HD 3.00 is designed for tomato care in tall greenhouses, where smooth regulation of the platform is neccessary at high levels.

    By F.P.H.U. Maryniaczyk based in Błaszki, POLAND. from Trolleys Product line

  • Two Leveled Harvesting Trolley

    Two leveled harvesting trolley is designed to carry greenhouse vegetables packed in boxes.

    By F.P.H.U. Maryniaczyk based in Błaszki, POLAND. from Harvesting Trolleys Product line

  • Furnances - Steels Tank

    Taking into account growing steels of requiring furnaces as for the quality, the type of fuel and ecological conditions, we offer a whole range of furnaces to a liquid, gas and solid fuel about the power from 300 up to 2500 kW. These furnaces are intended for the cooperation with roofed driers, drum driers or other devices of this type, where the ...

    By AGROMECH Sp. z o.o. based in Rogoźno Wlkp., POLAND. from Components Product line

  • Bolting Mill

    Bolting mill is for sieving transported material by the conveyor filling in. Depending on requirements bolting mill can be rotational or shock. In case of the revolving bolting mill sieving stepping for setting in motion with drive of the rotational drum with appropriate meshes. However in case of the shock bolting mill sieving is an effect of the ...

    By AGROMECH Sp. z o.o. based in Rogoźno Wlkp., POLAND. from Components Product line

  • Model L-Series - Growth Chambers and Multilayers

    L-series lights can be used in T8 fixtures designed for fluorescent tubes without modification. Energy savings compared to FLC tubes is up to 50 % making it ideal for applications were good light quality and low heat emissions are critical. L-series tubes are available in a variety of spectra making it ideal for multilayer systems, growth chambers ...

    By Valoya Oy Distributor in POLAND.

  • Model C-Series - High Intensity Chambers and Shelves

    The new C-series is ideal for growth rooms and other demanding light conditions where high intensity lighting is needed. C-series is ultra slim and lightweight which makes it easy to install even to places with very limited space. The bar shaped form factor minimizes shadow effect and makes it suitable for various urban farming ...

    By Valoya Oy Distributor in POLAND.

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