Agricultural industry Equipment near Massachusetts

  • Cutter Pumps

    2012 PRODUCT OF THE YEAR WINNER: The cutter pump was created in order to address the urgent need of reducing clogging due to ragging. With the increased use of 'flushable' materials and extraneous cleaning products, the issue of clogging—leading to downtime, pump destruction, and pipe damage, has increased markedly. Useful in municipal, ...

    By PumpTech Inc. Distributor in MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • Quality Colorfast Powder

    Quality Colorfast Powder is formulated for the cost conscious customer looking for a bold and vibrant mulch colorant. You will enjoy low start-up costs and consistent richly colored mulch production.. No separate color machine is required, when using our dry powder colorant. Powder is an excellent choice especially when low temperatures pose a ...

    By T.H. Glennon Co., Inc. based in Salisbury, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Our Colorants Product line

  • Advanced Colorfast Liquid

    Advanced Colorfast Liquid delivers an exceptional liquid mulch colorant and is perfect for green or changed wood. It begins with the highest quality pigments and is milled through our carefully monitored manufacturing process.  Our superior formula adheres and coats to wood fiber, turning difficult wood material into rich, brilliantly colored ...

    By T.H. Glennon Co., Inc. based in Salisbury, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Our Colorants Product line

  • Vicon Cultimat - Model Pro - Seedbed Cultivator

    Thanks to its excellent weight distribution, precise depth control and optimum ability to follow ground contours the Vicon Cultimat Pro seedbed combinations produce a perfect seedbed in all types of soil. The finer soil particles are deposited in the lower level of the tilth to promote rapid and uniform germination and also to prevent loss of ...

    By Vicon - Kverneland Group Distributor in MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Soil Equipment- Vicon Seedbed Cultivators Product line

  • Vicon - Model TT 25 - Toptiller

    The Vicon Toptiller TT 25 is the top of the range power harrow for big farmers, contractors and for the most difficult conditions. It is robustly designed to cope with heavy soil conditions and tractors up to 250 hp. The heavy-duty through construction together with the shaft dimensions and the heavy bearings, ensure perfect work for years. ...

    By Vicon - Kverneland Group Distributor in MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Soil Equipment- Power Harrows Product line

  • Kubota - Model BX2370-1 - Sub-Compact Tractor

    Don't let the compact size fool you! Kubota's BX2370-1 lets you take on a wide range of garden and yard needs with a powerful 23 HP Kubota diesel engine, standard power steering and 4WD.

    By Kubota Tractor Corporation Distributor in MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Tractors – BX Series Product line

  • Model B2650 ROPS - Compact Tractor

    Meet the top compact tractor in its class: Kubota's B2650 ROPS model boasts a new, cleaner-emission Kubota diesel engine, clutch-less HST transmission and endless potential. Try one and see.

    By Kubota Tractor Corporation Distributor in MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Tractors - B Series Product line

  • Model 18.0HP - 23.0HP - T Series Mowers

    Equipped with a host of features, the T-Series can satisfy the most demanding homeowners. That’s because their hydrostatic transmission, deep mower deck, sleek design, and choice of engines make them ideal for a wide range of residential jobs.

    By Kubota Tractor Corporation Distributor in MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Mowers Product line

  • Model L Series 30.0HP - 59.0HP - Tractors

    Simple to operate yet amazingly powerful, the L-Series tractors: the premium Grand L40’s and the Standard L’s, are ideal for everything from estate maintenance chores to commercial landscaping and small farming.

    By Kubota Tractor Corporation Distributor in MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Tractors Product line

  • Skye - Model NDVI & PRI - Portable Spectrosense Systems

    A portable system ideal for Ground Truth Validation Campaigns. Automatic calculation of different vegetation indices, eg NDVI, PRI, LAI, etc. Results can be viewed on the display, stored and/or logged. Choice of sensors types depending on application. Standard NDVI & PRI wavelengths or your choice. Wavelengths can be matched to one of the ...

    By Skye Instruments Limited Distributor in MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Vegetation Reflectance Product line

  • Skye - Analogue Plant Moisture System

    Low cost system using a dial gauge readout of pressure. Safety pattern gauges. Many other safety features – solid brass chamber, screw thread closure, clear perspex shield and eye protection. Choice of chamber heads for fleshy and/or woody samples. 3 models for 0-40 bar, 0-50 bar and 0-80 bar maximum working pressure.

    By Skye Instruments Limited Distributor in MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Plant Moisture Systems Product line

  • Submersible Slurry Mixer (1500 RPM) POD

    Submersible agitator for slurry handling in agriculture. Four motor sizes from 2.2 to 11.0 kW. Capacity up to approx. 2,250 m³/hour. 1500 propeller revolutions/minute. Axial thrust from 525 N to 2150 N. Can be installed in full tanks. Movable.

    By Landia Distributor in MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Mixers - Submersible Mixers Product line

  • Cole Planter - Model 100 - McNifty Gravity Flow

    The McNifty Gravity Flow 100 is a 100 lb gravity feed fertilzer attachment. Gravity flow design, Automatic cut 0ff, Readily mounts to most cultivators, No moving parts, Holds 100 lbs. of fertilizers, Screen assures uniform application, Accurately applies up to 300 pounds per acre, Boot for spout attaches to tines to accurately place fertilizer, ...

    By Cole Planter Company Distributor in MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • Model Oxygraph Plus - Liquid-Phase Photosynthesis & Respiration Measurement System

    The Oxygraph Plus oxygen electrode system provides PC control of oxygen uptake or evolution measurements across a broad range of applications from studies of mitochondria and cellular respiration to measurements of isolated chloroplast suspensions in photosynthesis research applications with up to 100% oxygen concentration.The ...

    By Hansatech Instruments Distributor in MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • Air Velocity Transducers

    TSI's Air Velocity Transducers provide the flexibility you need for your air velocity measurement applications. Three different sensor types and four standard probe lengths let you configure the transducer for your measurement needs. The air velocity transducers' full-scale range, output and time constants are user-selectable for additional ...

    By TSI Incorporated Distributor in MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Ventilation Test Instruments Product line

  • Model CO-1 - Color Test Kit, Color Disc

    Color, Single Parameter Test Kit, 25 Color disc/APHA Platinum - Cobalt Standard. The Hach color test reads the apparent color created by dissolved substances that can indicate industrial, agricultural, or natural pollution.

    By Hach Company - a subsidiary of Danaher Corporation Distributor in MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Test Kits and Portable Systems Product line

  • Model HM-5 - Reflux Extractors

    Reflux extraction is the least expensive method for determining asphalt content in bituminous concrete mixtures. Solvent vapor generated by hot plate passes around and through sample contained in two wire mesh cones lined with filter paper. Reflux solvent from the water-cooled condenser percolates through the sample repeatedly until the bitumen is ...

    By Gilson Company, Inc. Distributor in MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Asphalt Content Product line

  • Skye - Dial Tensiometers

    Traditional design tensiometer with dial gauge readout of soil suction. Low cost, simple to use. Direct readout without the need for an electronic meter. Ideal for irrigation management. Suitable for soil, peat and other mediums. No correction factors for different soils or mediums. Robust construction for long life. Use in conjunction with ...

    By Skye Instruments Limited Distributor in MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Soil Measurement Product line

  • Goldoni Euro - Model 45 RS/SN - Tractor

    Euro series of isodiametric four-wheel drive tractors, Goldoni provides an efficacious answer to operators who need an easily handled, agile and stable machine for work on slopes and when there's not much space for manoeuvring. The Euro series includes tractors with power ratings that range from 25 to 38 hp produced in both the steering wheel (RS) ...

    By Goldoni S.p.A. Distributor in Conway, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Equal Wheel Product line

  • Vicon - Model TT 18 - Toptiller

    The Vicon Toptiller TT 18 is a robust medium power harrow constructed for effective operation in most conditions. Made for use on most farms and for combination with most seed-drills. The new robust trough construction and the Quick-Fit tines guarantee for years of work with minimum maintenance. The Toptiller TT 18 with working widths from 3,00m, ...

    By Vicon - Kverneland Group Distributor in MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Soil Equipment- Power Harrows Product line

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