- Model NTK-DF - Dry Forage Nitrate Test Kit


Ensure Your Livestock Feed is Safe for Consumption. Easy to Use, Quick and Reliable Results, Environmentally Benign. Use the NECi Nitrate Test Kit for Dry Forage to prevent livestock toxicity from excess nitrate, often caused by drought conditions. Obtain accurate and reliable results in less than an hour. These enzyme based test kits are non-toxic and environmentally benign.

Drought may lead to excess nitrate uptake leading to toxicity

Test for nitrate levels in dry forage to check for nitrate toxicity. Drought may cause stress in plants, encouraging excess nitrate uptake. Too much nitrate may lead to illness or even death in livestock, especially pregnant and lactating animals or young animals.

Test for nitrate levels in very dry livestock feed when samples are too dry to squeeze liquid out (dry hay, corn stalks, drought-stricken crops) to check for nitrate toxicity. This kit will detect 0 - 9000 ppm nitrate (0 - 2000 ppm nitrate-N or up to 0.9% N).  All you need is a blender or grinder to prepare your samples, a pen, marker, and a pair of scissors. No lab experience needed, kits are ready and easy to use.

Available in kit sizes to measure nitrate content of 5, 10, 25, or 50 samples

Use our New Handheld Photometer

Check out our new handheld photometer which displays and tracks nitrate and phosphate results digitally on Android mobile devices. Obtain near lab-quality data without needing laboratory equipment or experience.  Our Introductory Photometer Package is complete with the photometer, instructions, and a 10-sample test kit pack of your choice.  Use your own Android mobile device, or add-on a control pad tablet for tracking, storage, and sharing of data.

Number of tests - Product ID

  • 05 tests - NTK-DF-05
  • 10 tests - NTK-DF-10
  • 25 tests - NTK-DF-25
  • 50 tests - NTK-DF-50

Each Kit Contains:

  • Sample Collection Tubes (contains water to add your sample to)
  • 50mL Tube(s)
  • Plastic Pan(s)
  • Squeeze Bulbs of Buffer
  • Squeeze Bulb(s) of Nitrate Standard
  • Reaction Cuvettes (contains enzyme)
  • Small Pipettes
  • Large Pipettes
  • Tubes of Color Reagent
  • Cardboard Cuvette Holder(s)
  • Set of Instructions

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