Nedap Livestock Management

- Weight Monitoring System



Nedap Weight Monitoring helps you to maximize ROI with automated sow weight monitoring and data recording of individual sows in group gestation housing. This system is a new tool to support sow production through precise sow body condition management. Maintain each sow’s ideal body condition to maximize productivity and ROI.

Nedap Weight Monitoring for the ROI you want on your farm

The level of efficiency you can achieve with Nedap Weight Monitoring can help you minimize feed waste by eliminating over- or under-feeding. It also supports optimal sow performance and piglet birth weights by providing the exact amount of feed for each sow based on her body weight. With this system, you have the control to help your sows maintain optimal body condition.

Feeding to exact weights rather than estimated body condition scores can help you eliminate an average annual loss of $75 for each sow that is outside ideal weight range. When your sows are in optimal condition, they are better prepared for farrowing and for a smooth transition to a productive lactation. Precision feeding minimizes poor sow performance, culling rates and incorrect feed allocations.

  • Minimizes inaccuracy of visible condition scoring
  • Automated weighing frees up staff and production managers for other tasks
  • Breeding gilts at the correct weight supports longevity
  • Helps keep each sow in prime condition
  • Supports your goals of getting more, heavier piglets per sow per year

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