- Grain Bagger


Swing auger is mounted on the body of the bagger to reduce set-up time. After arrival in the field the auger can be out and under a trailer in less than 2 minutes. This is possible because the swing auger is fully hydraulic from transport to working position.

  • NEW FOR 2015  20' Main Auger
  • 8' 6' x 10' Loading Hopper
  • Angled Hopper for easier reach with the combine and grain cart
  • Windows in Hopper
  • Grain Sampler
  • Standard Roll Tarp for Loading Hopper
  • Hydraulic Lift for Cradle
  • Cradle Permanently Attached to Bagger - No Need for Crane System
  • Transport Window
  • Hydraulic Drum Brakes with Pump and Pressure Gauge
  • 540 RPM Shear Bolt Protected PTO

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