- Grain Extractor


The revolutionary new design of the Neeralta Grain Extractor is unlike any bag unloader on the market! Handle the plastic the way you would like to - from the extractor straight onto your truck or trailer! No unwinding! No costs for a separate baling machine! It’s ready to put onto the truck as soon as the bag is empty. This unique Neeralta feature allows you to hook up to the next bag and skip the clean-up step that you've become used to.


Completely REVOLUTIONARY NEW design that winds the plastic into a bale and deals with it the way you would like it done – drop the plastic bale right onto your truck or trailer.

  • Extracts from 9 and 10' bags.
  • Optional attachment for 12' bags. 
  • Adjustable Auger Height.
  • Swivel Spout.
  • Accessible Hopper for Minimal End-of-Bag Clean-up.
  • Winds Plastic Up into a Bale.
  • Puts the Bale onto Your Truck or Trailer. NO Unrolling.

  • Saves you the labour of unrolling the bag and gathering the bag later.
  • Saves you the cost of a separate bag baler.
  • Easily hooks up to bag. An over-filled bag is no problem. Only a few feet of empty bag is required.
  • Hydraulic Drive Wheels move the Neeralta Extractor forward into the bag to prevent ripping.
  • Tightly rolls a 10' x 300' bag into a 30' wide x 36' diameter bale and then drops the bale directly onto your truck or trailer!
  • Ability to hook up to a split bag.

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