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Development of new cultivars is essential, to increase yield, expand geographic production areas and facilitate new end uses. It is expected that energy crop improvement programmes will yield significant benefits and also it is essential that NEF provide customers with pipeline of new genetics to continually improve crop production. NEF holds one of the largest germplasm collections of Miscanthus, with an internal breeding program. Our breeding partners include, the University of Illinois and Dr Martin Deuter who has been breeding Miscanthus for almost 20 years. The focus of our efforts is increasing the yield, security of yield and quality of energy crops, covering Miscanthus and other perennial crop species as complimentary energy crops such as Energy Cane and Arundo Donax. We operate trial sites in Canada, the USA and Europe.

NEF was the first company to successfully take new cultivars of Miscanthus to market and pay annual royalty fees back to a breeder. For 3rd party genetics providers we can provide a similar solution, NEF have proven experience from scientific test plots, commercial bulk up to market development and commercial sale, which we believe is unique in the marketplace. These services are provided by our CEEDS™ and Biomass Direct™ products.

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